Cold Steel Throwing Knives Review

Overall, the brand is highly recommended. Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded back in the year 1980, which was dedicated to producing the sharpest and best quality cutlery for knife lovers. With the passage of time, the brand has launched a variety of knives that are appreciated and used worldwide. The knife is strong and reliable and works the best for beginners. The shape is perfect and safe to use with a protective coating. The throw occupies a uniform rotation as the knife is manufactured well.

The cold steel throwing knives may have less warranty time, but they do not break easily and the edges are perfectly shaped to hit the target. Being made up of 1055 carbon steel, the knives last long and is a hard break. The blade of the knife is designed to bounce back with uniformity. The knives can be used by starters and professionals both with its versatile features and excellent specifications.

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

Cold Steel True Flight ThrowerThe knife is strong and gives you a good grip. For knife enthusiasts, the true flight thrower can be a good piece in the collection. The knife is strong and reliable and can be used by starters for their first throw. Many of the professional knife throwers also use the knife as it is perfect to use, lightweight, and easy to handle.

  •  Length of 12 inches overall with a 1055 carbon steel blade.
  •  The blade is 5 millimeters thick with a paracord handle wrap.
  •  The total weight of the knife is 9.7 ounce that makes it easy to carry and fast to throw.
  •  For extra protection, the knife comes with a durable Cor-Ex sheath.

The knife is good to add to the collection with its excellent quality and great balance. It is light to carry and gives you a perfect throw. The specs of the knife are modified keeping in view the needs of the thrower. With the extra protection, the knife is super safe to use and hardly misses the target if thrown properly.

The issue faced by the knife is that it rusts very easily and thus becomes useless. This demands the users take extra care of it and keep it from humidity.

The knife is recommended to knife lovers as it makes a great throw. However, it requires great care to use as of its sharp blade and easy to rust blade.

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Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower

Cold Steel Perfect Balance ThrowerThe cold steel perfect balance thrower is an excellently crafted cutlery for knife lovers that have all the best features essential for a throwing knife. A long sharp blade with a perfect back grip gives the knife a perfect balance.

  • A 9-inch long blade for a perfect throw.
  • The handle of the knife is 4 and a half long. The long composite plastic back gives a perfect balance to the blade so the knife gives a uniform throw.
  • The knife is 1055 Carbon steel with a net weight of 15.4 ounces.

As the name says, the knife gives you a perfect balance with a long blade and a good back support handle. It is thought to take the target without even a single spin that makes it perfect for professionals. The sharp blade is good to throw on the harder targets too. The knife is also inexpensive that makes it affordable for everyone.

The knife is thought to be a bit heavy for starters. The heavyweight of the knife makes the handle fall off from it if not used at right angles. The availability of the knife is only in the U.S so other people don’t have access to it yet.

The knife gives a good throw and is recommended mainly for the professionals. As the beginners can’t handle the weight, they will end up breaking the handle. The knife has some excellent features and specs that can help the knife lovers to take their training to the next level.

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Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower

Cold Steel Sure Balance ThrowerThe knife is a great piece to add to a knife enthusiast collection. With a considerably large blade and good back support, the knife gives you a perfect and balanced throw. The good quality and high balance of the knife makes it harder to miss the target.

  • The knife has a 9 inch long sharp blade.
  • The overall length including the back handle makes the knife 13 and 3/8 inches.
  • The weight of the knife is 18.5 oz including the handle.
  • Being made up of 1055 Carbon steel, the knife can prove to be a perfect throwing knife.

The back support of the knife balances the weight of the blade and overall the knife gives a perfect throw. The shape of the knife is unique and works best for a uniform spin. The knife is sharp enough to hit a wood target and strong much to not break easily. The knife is manufactured to be rust protective and can last long.

The knife is heavy and the weight is a lot to carry for the starters. The item is also not found in countries other than U.S.

The knife is highly recommended to the knife collectors. With a no spin throw, it can be incredible for trainers, and also the sharp blade never misses the target if thrown properly. The heavyweight of the knife is useful when its high wind or resistance when the lightweight knives miss the target.

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