Throwing Knives for Beginners

Throwing knives are knives that are specifically designed to be thrown effectively. They often have an aerodynamic design that enables the person using them to have more accuracy. Knife throwing has been practiced by many cultures for various reasons from entertainment to a more aggressive and deadly discipline. Most beginners are advised to start off with mass produced throwing knives like that made from china and to get a set of at least three to six. That way, beginners can practice better because they will spend more time throwing than retrieving the knives. Some of the cheaper knives out there that are good for beginners are throwing spades and Gil Hibben imitation throwers because they are cheaper and will not break the bank if you do get to lose or bend them too bad that you cannot hammer them back to shape. The downside of cheaper throwing knives is that they are often very light and sometimes small that when they ricochet, it is a bit harder to dodge them because they are going too fast.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Throwing Knives

These are full tang double edge throwing knives that you can buy in for a cheap price. Assassins Creed Brotherhood Throwing Knives are six inches long and are made from 440 stainless steel. They have the Assassin’s Creed artwork in the handle and at the middle of the knife. They have very sharp point that makes it easy to use however a few who have bought it says that some sharpening can further improve its performance. What makes this knife great is that its center of gravity is in the middle of the knife which gives the user more control and accuracy.

A Few Tiny Drawbacks

Some drawbacks of the knife is that it has a sharp edge on either side which can be dangerous if it ricochets and hits somebody. It’s relatively light weight can also be an issue if it has to be thrown in distances wherein the knife will make more than one revolution since it can be affected by the wind. Also, its thin construction makes it prone to bending if thrown to relatively harder surfaces like say a 2×4 piece of wood. Lastly, the artwork that makes it a “Assassin’s Creed” item tends to fade quickly since it is not baked in.

This is a great starting set to practice with since you have 12 knives to throw before having to retrieve your knives which means you can practice on your throwing skills a lot longer. However, I would not recommend this as a gift to kids since it does have a potential to cause considerable harm.

Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives

The Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives are full tang 8 inches throwing knives made from 2Cr13 high carbon steel. A set of six comes with a nylon sheath. They do fly well and have a pretty good center of gravity. These China-made knives are not for beginners who are looking for a budget throwing knives because a set only has six knives which means you will have to keep retrieving your knives instead of focusing on your technique more.

Carbon Steel Structure

Being made from carbon steel also means it is prone to rust and will have to be kept and taken care of. However, a couple of reviews said that once you get your throwing technique down, you should be able to use these knives easier. But then again, if you will be using these knives as a beginner, you will have to spend a lot of time with it to improve your skills because you have only six knives to throw then will have to retrieve them again. A few owners have given them a less than favorable review saying that they are a bit flimsy and tends to bend quickly. By the time your skill has improved, the knives might not be in great shape already. It also has double edge design which can be dangerous for beginners. All in all, the Smith and Wesson Throwing Knives is a good set for more seasoned throwers. It can be a great gift as long as they will be used properly.

Ridge Runner Lightning Throwing Knives

The Ridge Runner Lightning Throwing Knives features six good looking knives with a full tang construction and are made from solid stainless steel. It comes with a nylon sheath that safely contains the six uniquely designed knives. These knives all look great and most owners admit that they do not throw them at all. They just like owning them because they look cool. Each knife has a three inch blade and the uniquely designed handles offer really good grip. The set of six is very affordable and the cool-looking knives do have an acceptably sharp edge. That can be a great advantage or a drawback depending on who handles it. However, the unique designs of the knives that make them look great and “deadly” may be a drawback from a throwing point of view because the larger and thicker blades compared to the handle of some of the knives makes them unbalanced and therefore harder to control when being thrown. Some of the reviews of the Ridge Runner Lightning Throwing Knives also mentioned that a couple broke after just a few throws. If you intend to practice your knife throwing skills with these knives, you might want to get a couple of set.

Personally, I would recommend these knives as a gift for people who like “collecting” knives and not really throw them. Sure, they are called “throwing knives” but these knives seems to belong to a display case more than an actual weapon but that does not mean they cannot inflict serious damage so I would not recommend this for individuals younger than 18 years old.

Final Thoughts For These Budget Throwing Knives

Throwing knives is historically used as weapons so they are inherently dangerous. Although lately, they have become more for entertainment than an actual offensive or defensive weapon it is still not advisable to give them to young children. But for people who wants to take up knife throwing, it is advisable to do more research on which item to choose but considering their pros and cons, for the items mentioned above, I would say that the Assassins Creed Brotherhood Throwing Knives makes the most sense to buy since they are not that expensive, a set has 12 knives which allows you to have more time practicing you technique than retrieving knives and since the center of gravity is consistently in the middle, you will have better accuracy. The fact that they have a “Assassins Creed” connection is just a nice bonus.


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