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This seller -BladesUSA – sells all sorts of fantasy, martial art weapons including ninja swords, throwing stars, nunchaku, medieval swords and throwing knife. You don’t need to be an expert to tell that they don’t sell high quality throwing knives as this is not their specialization. So what makes this brand stand out in the market? First, the price is good. For most three-piece knife sets they offer, the price range is between 10 to 25 bucks which is a good deal. Second, the perfect point knives have most quality you will need for a beginner. Most of the knives they made have a round shape – perfect for throwing. The knives are well balanced and they range from 5” to 12” long. They are suitable to both short and long distance throwers.

Quality and price

The price is great for these BladesUSA throwing knives which is why we recommend them to beginners. Once your skill improves, you can then upgrade to some better quality and more expensive knives. The reason for the low price is that the materials are made in China but these knives are not bad at all. Some of their knives have a heavy weight and they can be thrown quite far. They are also well balanced and sturdy which is a nice surprise for the price that we are paying.
Some users complained that the knife tips bent after being thrown for a few times. However, we found that these knives are quite tough and they don’t bend easily unless your target is made of hard material. If you are using normal soft wood target, these knives can stick into the wood without any problems. They might bend and chip off if you miss the target and the throwing knives land on a hard surface. Apart from that, the BladesUSA knives are not bad for entry level throwing knives.

BladesUSA Perfect Point RC-595-3

These are some great throwing knives for a starter or anyone throwing knives as a hobby. I must say the RC-595-3 is tough and it is a fun set to throw. The arm sheath is cool and the knives are still standing after about 300 throws. The knives are not very heavy but they can stick on the target as long as the target is not too hard – cardboard target would be perfect. With a 5.5 inch, they are great for short distant throw and you can practice no spin throws with them.
Each set has three pieces of the throwing knife. You don’t have to worry about how you will carry your knife. They come with a nice black nylon sheath that is durable as well. The wrist strap on the sheath is elastic and can fit on any arm regardless the size.
The RC-595-3 knife sets are fun and affordable.

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BladesUSA RC-136-3 Throwing Knife Set 8-Inch Overall

A lot of users have tried the RC-136-3 and there are quite a few bad feed-backs about this knife. The knives are mainly constructed by stainless steel. But some reviewers point out that the handle is made of cast iron which is a brittle metal and it is easy to break. Most reviewers found that the tips and the handles tend to break after a few days of practice.
The good thing is that you can’t beat the price. These knives are not durable and won’t stand in the long run. But if you take care of them well, they can last for a while and they are actually not too bad for a starting set. Although you might want to look further if you want to upgrade to better knife.

BladesUSA Perfect Point RC-1793B Throwing Knife Set 8-Inch Overall

The great shape and black color is what makes me look at this throwing knife each time I go through my collections. The RC-1793B is also sharp which means you have to be careful when throwing. If you miss your target and hit something else, the damage will be severe. The knife is 8 inches long overall and it is nearly center-balanced – slightly heavier on the blade.
Some customers have complained about the quality of the throwing knife. Some knives break after a single throw while others become blunt after a few throws. It is important to make sure you practice them on a soft cardboard/foam target and stay away from hard concrete or rock.

On the other side, some users have thrown these for more than 300 times and they are still in one piece. Overall, if you just started knife-throwing and are a bit tight on the budget, this is perfect for you.
One good thing about BladesUSA is that they offer free shipping for orders exceeding certain amount.

  • Quality
  • Balance
  • Sheath
  • Price


The price is cheap. The knives work fine if you take good care of them and avoiding throwing at hard material.

The knives are not made of high quality metal. The tips bent and the handles break after being thrown for a few times.

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