The Most Popular United Cutlery Throwing Knife Reviews

The United Cutlery is known for producing the best cutlery in the market despite the competition. Being one the most well known sword making brands, it produces a huge variety of blades including martial art swords, hunting knives, bowie knives, machetes, movie sword replicates and of course, throwing knives.

Some of their popular knives include the Single Blade Pocket Knives, the Honshu Kerambit w/Shoulder Harness among other quality blades.

We will go through two of the most popular United Cutlery throwing knives reviews: the UC2772 Expendables Kunai thrower and the Tomahawk throwing knife. The Expendables Kunai has the best features one would look for in a throwing knife. And the Tomahawk is one of the latest products from the United Cutlery and what this throwing knife can do is outrageous.

No matter which one you fancy, they both have some very good features and they are one of the best selling throwing knives in the market.

United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower Review

Whether you like the movie Expendables or not, you have to admit that it was quite cool the way Lee Christmas uses these throwing knives in the movie. Kunai is a Japanese tool that is normally associated with Ninja and I can understand why the Ninja would use it as a throwing weapon.

Here are some of the features that make this throwing knife one of the best sellers in the market and why it has been featured in most action thriller movies.

Long, Sharp and Tough

A set features three perfectly balanced throwing knives. They are one of a kind because they are constructed of anodized AUS-6 stainless steel. This means that they don’t rust easily and they last longer than any other blade. This assures you of the durability and if thrown of a hard wood it will still maintain its shape.

This throwing knife has a length of 12 inch to give it the length and the weight required to have a good stick. You don’t have to be a sharp shooter. It also has an anodized double-edged stainless steel blade. The finger hole and the black cord-wrapped handle give a thrower a good grip. This feature makes it easier to hit the target any time you throw.

This sharp pointed knife sticks to any surface. It is sharp and can easily cut. This means that you need to make your throws away from anything you wouldn’t want to damage. If you love adventure, this is the type of a knife you should carry since it can serve as a kitchen knife. It is also appropriate for hunting and when in the wrong hands, it can cause some serious damage.

The UC2772 Kunai Thrower comes with a custom nylon sheath that is durable and can withstand any scratches. They come in black to match the color of the knife. The sheath also has leg straps and boot loop which means there are various options to carry the knife, it all depends on where you find it comfortable. The sheath is large enough to give enough room for the blade. This means that inserting the sharp blade in the sheath will not damage it.

Add It to Your Martial Art Collection

The manufacturers of the UC2772 Expendables Kunai had a lot of consideration to the shape and design of this throwing knife. It gives you a good impression at first sight. The shape is so unique that most people purchase it not for the throwing competition but to be part of their collection.

The price for this outstanding blade isn’t too expensive. If you are an amateur who is looking for a good and stylish knife to get started at knife throwing, this is recommended.

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United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife Review

The solid piece of 420 stainless steel is the reason why the United Cutlery Tomahawk throwing knife is one of the most popular knives in the market today. The medium weight in them and the sharp pointed tip makes it even easier to stick. This means that you don’t have to be a professional thrower to have the best shot at the target.

The blades are not as sharp as a kitchen knife so you don’t have to worry about cuts. However, this is not to say that they are safe for kids. You can always grind the knife if you want to make it sharper than it is but this is not recommended for throwing knives. The handle is not as heavy as other products from the United Cutlery but they give you a good grip to make the best hit.

The knife comes with a strong sheath made of nylon and has a buckle. The buckle holds the knife in the sheath so that you don’t have to lose it or keep on checking if it’s still there. The knife fits in the sheath perfectly well one would not know what the sheath carries. Both the knife and the sheath come in black.

What makes this blade so unique is its well-designed shape. This design makes it easier to handle and the small size fits well in the hand. This is an amazing product for you especially if you are looking for a knife that is cheap, simple and worth the money.

How to Throw This Knife

Although you might find it hard to hit the target with Tomahawk throwing knives, the technique to make the best throws with this knife is keep your elbow of the dominant arm facing forward. Hold the back of the handle with the edge of thumb and index finger and you will have a good shot of the target. This is just the best knife for campers or anyone who enjoys a good day out in the woods. You can improvise a target and have an interesting throwing competition.
The downside is that since the knife comes in a small size, it is hard throw it from a long distance especially for beginners. You might want to start from just a few feets then slowly increase the distance.

In terms of the price, the United Cutlery Tomahawk throwing knife is one of the most affordable products in the stores. This is a one of a kind throwing knife that saves you money.

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Sum Up

UC2772 Expendables Kunai

  • They are 12 inches long which are easy to control
  • The sheath comes with the leg strap and boot loop so you can carry these Kunai like a ninja
  • They make a great martial art collection

Tomahawk Throwing Knife

  • The design is great. It is easy to handle and it fits in the hand perfectly
  • The sheath is strong and the buckle can help you secure the knife
  • They cost quite cheap and they are worth the money

These two knives both are not bad for throwing which is why they are so popular. They may not be the best quality one but you can’t deny that these knives have some good features. Finally, hope these United Cutlery throwing knife reviews can help you choose the knife you want.

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