The Slingbow Hunting Guide

Slingshots have gained popularity as hunting weapons and are constantly innovated to improve shooting accuracy. Slingshot bows, in particular, were invented to hunt large game. They are still small and compact like other hunting slingshots, but slingbows allow you to shoot arrows. Slingbows are essentially a cross between a hunting bow and slingshot and built for serious shooting. This article will outline the differences between slingbows and other hunting slingshots, factors to consider when investing in a slingbow, how to hunt with a slingshot bow, and the pros and cons of using it as a hunting weapon.

Slingbow Versus Slingshot

The main difference between a hunting slingshot and slingbow is the size of game you’re able to hunt. You can find hunting slingshots with the traditional Y-shape frame and with a wrist brace. With high density ammunition, you’re able to successfully hunt small game, such as rabbits, squirrels and birds. The best ammunition to use for hunting small game are steel balls with calibers of 3/8” and higher.

Slingshot bows, on the other hand, can be used to hunt larger game such as deer. Slingbows have an arrow rest and an arrow nock to hold and shoot arrows effectively. They are slingshots that have been modified to shoot arrows powerfully. However, most slingbows can be converted into a normal slingshot by removing the arrow rest.

Factors to Consider


If you’re looking to invest in a slingshot bow, it’s important to assess its various features to find a slingbow that you can hunt with successfully.

Compatibility with Arrows

Slingshot bows need a good arrow rest that are not too open in order to improve your shooting accuracy. Whisker arrow rests are a popular choice for slingbows used for hunting and fishing. To shoot with arrows effectively, you’ll also need an arrow nock which serves the same purpose as a nock on a normal bow. If you shoot your arrows with a normal slingshot pouch, the fletching/feathers of your bow will get damaged over time because your tight grip on the pouch will squeeze your arrow’s feathers together. Some shooters will completely remove their fletching to avoid this problem, but this compromises the flight and accuracy of your arrows.

Strong Bands

To hunt with slingshot bows effectively, you’ll need a high enough draw weight to kill large game. Some slingbows have a default draw weight that’s only suitable for recreational shooting. Look for a slingbow with a draw weight of at least 30 pounds. To ensure that your slingbow is strong enough, make sure that it’s made with strong and powerful bands.

Good Grip

To hunt effectively with a slingshot bow, the handle needs to give you a comfortable and solid grip. A good grip will allow you to shoot more accurately and reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Look for a slingshot bow with a contoured handle that’s ergonomically designed to fit naturally in your hand. Having an arm support will also help improve your shooting accuracy because it will hold your slingshot bow steady and reduce shaking while shooting. Without an arm support, your hand can get fatigued from the extra strength needed to keep your slingbow stationary.

How to Use a Slingbow for Hunting

Since a slingshot bow is essentially a cross between a longbow and slingshot, there are key differences in how to use it effectively for hunting. First, it’s important to find arrows that are the proper length for your slingbow. To find the proper length, pull back the bands until they reach your eye and measure the distance from the arrow rest to your eye. Be sure to add extra inches to your measurement to ensure that your arrows will be long enough in case you overdraw. Arrows that are too short can fall off your arrow rest and potentially cut your hand. Slingbow arrows are similar to regular hunting arrows, but they have two feathers instead of three.

After you’ve found the arrows that are the right length, it’s important to hold your slingbow in the proper position for shooting. When shooting arrows with a slingbow, you need to shoot it horizontally, not with the traditional vertical stance. Then,you securely load an arrow, pull the bands back, aim and shoot the arrow.

Pros and Cons of Slingbows


  • Compared to other hunting weapons, such as bows and most fire arms, slingshots are smaller and easier to carry around for extended hunting trips. Slingbows can fit easily in a backpack or small bag.
  • They’re not only compact, but they’re silent weapons that don’t give away your location to other hunters and animals.
  • Unlike hunting slingshots, slingbows can be used to hunt large game.
  • Slingbows are easy to use, regardless if you’ve had experience with shooting a traditional bow. With time and practice, you can quickly improve your accuracy with a slingbow.
  • Most slingbows are versatile enough to be converted into a regular slingshot.


  • Slingbows made with a normal pouch will ruin the fletching/feathers of your arrows. Unless you invest in an arrow nock, your arrows will get damaged over time.
  • Some slingshot bows have a default draw weight that’s not strong enough for hunting. Default draw weights work well for recreational purposes, but for serious shooting, you’ll need to invest in powerful bands.
  • Slingbows are not allowed to be used to hunt big game internationally. In places such as the United Kingdom, slingshot bows are legal for recreational use, but not for hunting. They’re widely accepted in Canada and the United States, but it’s important to check with local authorities before you start hunting with a slingbow.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a compact, yet powerful hunting weapon, considering investing in a slingshot bow. Since they’ve been modified to shoot arrows, slingbows provide you with enough shooting power to effectively kill large game. Some models are versatile enough to also be used as regular hunting slingshots that shoot smaller ammunition, such as steel balls and lead. Research various models of slingbows to find one with arrow compatibility, strong, powerful bands, and a good, steady grip. With time and practice, you’ll be able to shoot a slingbow with a high degree of accuracy and kill large game effectively.


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