The Best Wrist Slingshot Review

Wrist supported slingshots gained popularity when manufacturers started making slingshots with more power and shooting accuracy.

Having a wrist brace on your slingshot reduces wrist and hand fatigue and adds stability to the ejection base.

This article will outline the factors to consider when buying a wrist slingshot and give product reviews of some of the most popular wrist slingshots on the market.

Factors to Consider


Frame Material

The most common frame materials for slingshots are wood, plastic and metal. Wooden frames don’t last long in outdoor environments since they can be damaged easily by rain or snow. Plastic slingshot frames range in quality, depending on the type of plastic that’s used. Glass filled nylon frames, for instance, are considered one of the most durable types of plastic for slingshots. Metal frames will be your sturdiest option out of the three and are generally lighter than wooden and plastic frames. However, metal frames are often more expensive.

Band Type

The two types of bands you’ll find on slingshots are rubbing tubing or flat bands.

Rubber tubing can be bought in a wide range of thicknesses and diameters. This allows you to find tubes that are compatible for your slingshot and for your desired draw weight. They hold up well on extended trips and are highly recommended for hunting. Rubber tubing is typically more durable and longer lasting than flat bands.

In general, flat bands are easier to draw than rubber tubing. They also give your ammo faster projectile speeds because of their rapid snapback. They’re recommended for slingshots that are used for self-defence. One of the downsides to flat bands is that they tend to wear out more quickly.


With any slingshot, it’s important to have a steady and comfortable grip. A comfortable handle will increase shooting accuracy and reduce wrist and hand fatigue. It’s important that your slingshot has a contoured handle that’s been ergonomically designed to fit in your hand naturally.

Foldable or Detachable Brace

Some people find wrist slingshots to be inconvenient and bulky because of the attached wrist brace. Thankfully there are some models that come with braces that are detachable or foldable when not in use. If you’re worried about the extra bulk, be sure to find a wrist slingshot that gives you the option for easy stow-away.

Product Reviews

Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the wrist slingshots you’ll find available on the market.


Slingpro Wrist Support Folding Arm Brace Slingshot

SlingPro’s folding arm brace slingshot is made with a durable steel frame, a plastic handle and power bands made out of strong surgical latex. The fork width is 2.56 inches and the power band measures 5.91 inches and can stretch up to 17.32 inches.

The brace can be easily folded up against the frame which allows you to store the slingshot easily when not in use. This SlingPro slingshot can be used with various types of ammunition, such as rocks, marbles, paint balls, etc.

Pros: foldable brace, metal frame, surgical latex bands

Cons: plastic handle

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Daisy Outdoor Products B52 Slingshot

This Daisy slingshot is made with a black solid steel frame with extra-wide forks. It has the capacity to shoot 1/2 inch glass balls or 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch steel balls. The B52 slingshot features surgical-grade tubing and a release pouch that provides you with a high-degree of shooting power.

The wrist support is flexible and offers stability with every shot. It also folds into the frame for compact storage when not in use. Both the wrist brace and handle have been ergonomically designed for comfort and stability.

Pros: foldable brace, metal frame, surgical-grade tubing, ergonomic handle and brace

Cons: thin forks

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Barnett Cobra Slingshot With Stabilizer And Brace

Barnett’s Cobra slingshot has a unique design with its addition of a sighting system and front stabilizer. It’s made with magnum power bands that make it one of the most powerful slingshots on the market. The Cobra features a soft touch contoured grip and a fully detachable wrist brace. The wrist brace provides you with stability and extra strength while shooting. Since it’s detachable, you can easily fit the slingshot into your pocket or any gear bag.

Pros: detachable brace, magnum power bands, front stabilizer, sighting system

Cons: wrist brace not foldable when attached to frame

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Beeman Laserhawk Folding Slingshot

The Beeman Laserhawk folding slingshot is made with a tempered steel yoke and arm support. It’s made with high-velocity tapered bands that give you 30% more velocity with every shot. The Laserhawk features a finger-grooved, plastic handle, foldable wrist support and a magnetic pouch to hold your ammo.

Also, included with the slingshot are 200 pieces of 30 caliber steel balls. This model is compatible with ammunition sizes between 1/4 and 3/8 inches.

Pros: foldable brace, high-velocity bands, finger-grooved handle, magnetic pouch

Cons: weaker shots than expected

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SE Adjustable Wrist Brace Slingshot

This SE slingshot has been thoughtfully designed with adjustable iron frames to ensure that the wrist brace fits you comfortably. The wrist support features a rubber rest piece. The durable plastic handle is hollow to store ammo and has finger grooves to ensure a steady and comfortable grip.

This slingshot is made with sturdy rubber bands and a leather pouch. Also, included are four 1/2-inch glass balls as starter ammo.

Pros: adjustable brace, hollow handle for ammo

Cons: wrist brace is not detachable or foldable

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Assolar SS-29 Folding Wrist Brace Slingshot

The Assolar SS-29 is constructed with an aluminum alloy frame and two strips of high-tension, rubber bands. It features a contoured handle with finger grooves and a magnet folding wrist brace. The wrist brace can either fold onto the frame for easy carrying or detached for long-term storage.

The Assolar SS-29 can be used for hunting, outdoor competition, fitness catapult and for boutique collection. Also, included are some stainless steel balls for ammo.

Pros: detachable and foldable brace, contoured handle, durable metal frame

Cons: n/a

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Sinoart High Velocity Pro Steel Slingshot

The SinoArt slingshot is made with durable rubber bands and an ergonomic molded handle to give you a steady and comfortable grip. The wrist brace can be folded onto the frame, making it easy to carry and store when not in use. The forks are made with a card slot design that allow you to attach two or three rubber bands.

The pouch has a magnet design that’s capable of absorbing approximately 60 steel balls. Included with the slingshot are: extra rubber bands, a flashlight clamp that can attach to the bottom of the handle, a small flashlight and two hex wrenches.

Pros: foldable brace, ergonomically designed handle, versatile rubber band system, flashlight

Cons: n/a

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Final Thoughts


Investing in a wrist slingshot will allow you to shoot high-power slingshots without over-tiring your hand and wrist. They give you more stability, and, in turn, improve your shooting accuracy. When looking to invest in a wrist supported slingshot, remember to look at features, such as frame material, band type, handle and type of brace to find the slingshot most suitable for your needs.

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