The 8 Best Tree Stand Umbrellas

You’ll be finding it hard to concentrate on your 9 to 5 job when you’ve got an exciting hunting or camping trip coming up. In the last week before you leave, there is a lot to be done, and you’ll we wondering how to keep yourself and your gear dry, particularly if you’re headed into an area with regular rainfalls.

A tree stand umbrella is one of the first items you will want to pack and its beauty lies in the fact that it can be hauled out easily from its storage sack and quickly mounted to a tree. Staying dry while hunting may not be entirely possible, and, in fact, some of the best hunting is done in rainy weather. However, you want to be prepared enough with a tree umbrella made from water-resistant fabric to keep dry when the need arises.

To help, we have taken a look at several of the best tree stand umbrellas in the market to make it easier for you to decide which one is best for you.

Hunter’s Specialities Tree Stand Umbrella

Hunter's Specialties Treestand UmbrellaThis tree stand umbrella, which can also be used as a ground blind, is made from robust polyester and attaches to a tree to keep you dry and concealed. The umbrella is waterproof and windproof, and folds up easily for transport. For your convenience, it comes with a bracket, strap, and carrying case. Its dimensions are 2.6 x 3.6 x 21.3 inches and it weighs just 2.4 pounds. Its camo pattern will keep you concealed.

The umbrella comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Customers love the umbrella’s ease of use and the way it is easy to transport. There is very little to criticize with this great umbrella.

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Allen Instant Roof Camo Tree stand Umbrella

Allen Instant Roof Camo Treestand UmbrellaAllen Company is a leading manufacturer of hunting and outdoor products. Their tree stand’s dimensions are 3 x 4 x 19 and the umbrella weighs just 1.6lbs, with its main support being a metal bolt. The tree cut-out is tied around the tree with straps. This Tree Stand umbrella mounts to almost any tree when you make use of the mounts included. The umbrella is designed with a Mossy Oak pattern to keep things nicely concealed.

The umbrella comes with a convenient storage stack so you can quickly and easily haul out your umbrella on a rainy or overly hot day when you need shade. Those who have used the umbrella say it’s a great product and good concept while there are those who reckon that Allen needs to invest more money in materials to make their umbrellas more robust for outdoor conditions.

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Hawk Wingspan Ultimate Tree Umbrella

Hawk Wingspan Ultimate Tree UmbrellaWeighing in at just 2.7 pounds, the dimension of this umbrella is 42 x 60 when opened. With its windproof framework, and being 100% weatherproof, the Hawk Wingspan Ultimate tree umbrella comes with the Realtree Xtra pattern so that it blends into your natural surroundings. The umbrella is easy to put up and takedown because of the addition of the T-handle screw. Its unique shape allows it to fit the entire stand platform.

Customers like the fact that the umbrella is easy to set up and that it is more than capable of withstanding strong winds. However, they feel that for hunting purposes, the umbrella doesn’t remain silent in a high wind and that the noise could frighten off animals. Additionally, some people have complained about its quality and workmanship, saying the umbrella isn’t robust enough to stand up to all weather conditions.

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Big Game Pop-Up Umbrella CR5054

Big Game Pop-Up UmbrellaThe Big Game Pop-Up Umbrella is durable, wear-resistant, and made from polyester fabric. With its pop-up design, it offers a quick setup with its hub-style design and comes complete with a carry case for easy transportation.

The umbrella comes with 6 tie-down strings and its camo design means that that the umbrella blends into its leafy surroundings. Dimensions for this umbrella are 18.5 x 14.2 x 8.2 and it weighs just 1 pound.

The umbrella can be used with most big game tree and ladder stands. Customers say that while they are mostly satisfied with the product, in that it kept them dry, the mount design is weak and ineffective.

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Summit Treestands Roof Kit

Summit Treestands Roof KitThis tree-stand umbrella with diameter 8×20 and weighs just 4.3 pounds and covers an area of 4 square feet. The umbrella comes from Summit who is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality tree-stands. They offer outdoor products that are suited for all seasons, and the company believes that customer pleasure will come from their well-designed products.

The umbrella offers maximum protection from wind, rain and snow and sets up in no time. The umbrella can be used for different applications, such as ladder stands and fixed position stands. The umbrella comes with a Realtree camouflage print and as it wraps around the tree, it blends in with the surrounding trees. Most users like the easy installation while others complain of the complicated instructions for setup.

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Big Dog Treestand

Big Dog TreestandWith dimensions of 44 X 36 and a weight of 8.55lbs, this tree stand Universal Kit XI is for use on all fixed positions or ladder tree stands. With its arched roof cover and fiber pole construction, the umbrella is water-resistant and fastens easily to a tree with 2 button straps.

One of the pros of this quality product is that it can easily be put together in 25 minutes. Then again, quite a few people have complained about missing parts, but they appreciated the fact that the company was more than prepared to send the missing parts to them and solve the problem.

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Ameristep Treestand Hub Umbrella

Ameristep Treestand Hub UmbrellaAmeristep is a leading manufacturer of tree stands with more than 20 years in the hunting industry. They offer their Ameristep NS3 technology for unmatched quality and features. This Ameristep umbrella comes with high-wind tie-downs, as well as heavy-duty weatherproof poly blend fabric. For easy transportation, the umbrella comes with a carrying case.

Once rigged up, the umbrella makes provision for 2 people. Its Realtree camouflage keeps it inconspicuous. The umbrella’s dimensions are 91 x 11 x 11 and it weighs 2 pounds. While some customers say it is a good, sturdy product with easy setup, other users complain that the cheap straps and plastic buckles don’t work securely enough.

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Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella

Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand UmbrellaThis particular tree stand umbrella attaches to just about any tree and has a user-friendly design and set up. It comes with a robust steel frame and it is perfect for rain or offering shade from the sun. Its water-resistant fabric comes with a camo pattern to give it inconspicuous and it has 2 cam buckle straps for attachment to the tree. Its dimensions are 37″ x 44 after setup.

Those who have used the umbrella say it’s a great product for different weather conditions and easy to setup. Other users feel that the umbrella is a bit too heavy to put up and down every day, and that the umbrella would do well as a permanent stand.

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Final Thoughts

Whether it’s rain or shine, with these cool tree stand umbrellas, you can have a roof over your head.

Just remember that these tree stand umbrellas will require carrying to the spot where you intend to set up, so weight is a serious consideration. However, the best tree stand umbrella will make sure you’re adequately covered during wind, rain, snow and sun, it’s easy to install, quiet in high winds, and simply allows your hunting trip to continue unhindered by weather conditions when others have surrendered to the weather, packed up, and gone home.


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