A Guide to the Best Throwing Cards

One of the most undermined skills that one can possess is the art of throwing cards. Cards may not look like an item that can be harmful, but with the proper throwing technique, they can become a secret weapon.

This article will give an overview of how to throw cards properly, how to choose the best throwing card, and give reviews of some of the throwing card products you will find on the market.

How to Throw Cards

When learning how to throw cards, it’s important to understand that spinning the cards correctly will be the key to your success. The secret to the spin is all in the wrist.

First things first, it’s important to have a good grip on the card you intend to throw. One way to grip the card is to hold it between your middle and index finger. Make sure that your fingers are slightly diagonal, and your finger tips are on the corner of the card. When throwing with this grip, it’s important that the card pivots around your finger tips.

Another way to grip a throwing card is by holding it in the middle with your thumb and middle finger. Place the tip of your index finger on one of the card’s corners. Your index finger will help by adding spin as you throw the card.

Spinning the card faster will make it fly better, but it’s important to keep your arm and wrist relaxed while throwing. Once you’ve relaxed your whole arm, bend your arm until it reaches a 90-degree angle. Keep a firm grip on the card (with your wrist still relaxed), bend it back, and snap your wrist to release the card. For cards with more weight, lean your arm forward as you snap your wrist to give the card extra momentum.

When it comes to throwing cards, practice makes perfect, so be sure to practice throwing in open spaces, free of valuable and breakable items. You may be surprised at the damage cards can cause when thrown correctly.

How to Choose the Best Throwing Cards

When it comes to throwing cards, you don’t necessarily need a set of special cards. Any deck of playing cards will do the trick, although they will take time to master. Playing cards are lightweight and require lots of practice to master throwing techniques. If you’re a beginner to throwing cards, it’s highly recommended that you start by throwing playing cards before moving on to alternative cards, such as hard plastic and metal.

Hard plastic and metal throwing cards differ from playing cards in hardness and weight. You will notice that with hard plastic cards, such as credit cards or key cards, their spin is more elliptical and their aim will be a bit off. The downside of most hard plastic cards is that they’re prone to shattering when hitting a hard surface or object.

Metal throwing cards act more like throwing stars than they do playing cards, so be sure to use them carefully. They pierce like daggers and should not be taken lightly as a weapon. Throwing cards that are harder and heavier are recommended for more advanced card throwers.

Product Reviews

Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the throwing card products you will find available on the market.

Aces Wild Stainless Steel Throwing Cards

Throw-Tec has created a set of throwing cards that’s sure to excite any experienced thrower. The set comes with 4 stainless steel cards that have screened images with a white background. The edges of the cards are sharpened to ensure that they stick well in any given target. The cards measure 3.375†long x 2.625†wide x 0.05†thick. Also, included is a black nylon sheath to keep your throwing cards safe and secure when not in use. The sheath folds together, and has individual pockets for each card.

Royal Flush Black Spades Throwing Cards

Throw-Tec’s Royal Flush set comes with 5 cards with screened images of a black suit royal flush. The cards are made out of stainless steel, and come with sharpened edges. The edges are sharp, but not as sharp as you would expect knives to be. The cards measure 3.5†long x 2.5†wide and weigh 2.3 ounces. The Royal Flush Set comes with a foldable, black nylon sheath that houses each card in its own pocket.

Joker’s Wild Stainless Steel Throwing Cards

The Joker’s Wild set comes with 4 stainless steel throwing cards that have screened images and a satin-finished background. For optimal target performance, the cards have sharpened edges. The cards measure 3.375†long x 2.625†wide x 0.05†thick and weigh 1.38 ounces. The set also includes a black nylon carrying case for safety. The sheath features individual pockets for each card and can be folded together.

Banshees Cards For Throwing

Banshees: Cards for Throwing - Trick

Banshees’ deck of 54 cards are made with a blend of high-grade plastics that can withstand 5 times more damage than paper cards can. These cards have maximum cutting and penetration power, and are highly durable for hundreds of throws. They’re uniquely shaped, die-cut and have holes cut out of them to create a “scream†as they fly in the air. To enhance their carving and penetration, the edges are made with a bevel cut. Compared to regular playing cards, Banshees’ deck can reach higher speeds and distances. Be aware that the cards are not indestructible; when exposed to high impact or shock, the cards will begin to crack or chip. The deck is not recommended for beginners learning how to throw cards.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best throwing cards, it’s important to assess your skill level. In general, beginners should start with regular playing cards and work their way up to cards that are harder and heavier. To improve your throwing skills and techniques, remember to practice regularly in open spaces, where nothing will get hit, or no one will get hurt.


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