The Ninja Equipment Guide – Ninja Throwing Spikes/Stars/Knives Review

Ninja with Stars

Ninja throwing knives are the sharp bladed knives used for hitting or smashing a particular target. Since ancient times such sharp blades were in use as a large chunk of people practiced ninja fights. This art is still alive after passing through a number of modifications as a large variety of ninja throwing knives having smart designs and shapes are available in the market.

Apart from Ninja throwing knives, there are other Ninja equipment and throwing weapons that Ninja uses. Some of them are the throwing spikes (Bo Shuikens) and Ninja stars. Ninja throwing stars are actually called “shurikenâ€. In Japanese this word is made of three characters forming the words hand, release and blade. It is literally a hand released blade. The blades can feature a number of points from three all the way up to six of more.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best Ninja equipment in the market. And also, we will show you how to make a paper ninja star and how to throw them in the proper way.

*Note that in some countries, carring a Ninja star is illegal. Check your state law before purchasing one.

What are Throwing spikes/Bo Shurikens?

A Bo-shuriken is a throwing weapon in the same family as a ninja throwing star.  The main difference is that a Bo Shuriken is a straight piece of metal or a spike.  This is why they are sometimes referred to as “throwing spikesâ€.   Just like a ninja throwing star the Bo Shuriken can be made from any sort of material and they are often made out of common items.  Since a variety of materials can be used historical examples include many shapes and sizes.

Bo Shurikens can be thrown either underarm, overhead or sideways.  Throws usually involve the blade sliding through the fingers, this allows for a more controlled flight and accuracy.  The precise origins of the Bo Shuriken are not known and this is partially due to the secrecy surrounding Japanese martial arts at the period of their creation.

Throwing spikes vs Throwing knives

When it comes to throwing weapons, whether it is a throwing knife or a throwing spike you have a lot of options.  There are many different features to each and pros/cons to each.  When it comes to throwing spikes you have to be careful and make sure you purchase one that is well made.  Spikes are often considered novelty items and they can be poorly constructed or made of cheap materials.  A throwing spike can be a good deterrent but they may not be the best weapon if you’re looking for something that is more lethal.  If you are purchasing a throwing spike try to find one that is longer and better balanced.  These particular spikes tend to be weighted better and throw with more accuracy.

Throwing knives are the more popular of the two weapons, possibly due to their use in mass media, movies and television shows.  Throwing knives are also the more accurate throwing weapon but a lot depends on the thrower.  The way you hold a throwing weapon is incredibly important for accuracy and range of throw.  You must also be aware of your stance when throwing a knife versus a spike.  A spike will tend to spin or sometimes tumble.  This tendency makes it the less accurate of the two projectiles.  A knife, however, if thrown properly will fly straight and level, a knife also has the tendency to fly where you “pointâ€.  You can use these tips to help with your accuracy.

It doesn’t matter what projectile you use, both can be lethal depending on the range.  If you understand the key points of grip you’ll do a lot better no matter what you throw.  A knife, in general, has a better range than a spike especially if you’re using a no-spin throwing technique.

The Best Throwing Spikes Review

Cold Steel Torpedo

coldsteel_torpedo_The Cold Steel throwing spike made by the brand Torpedo is a perfect example of the genre.  This is a well-made, heavy throwing spike that features an amazing combination of weight and balance.  The Cold Steel spike has points on each end, referred to as a double tapered spike, which gives it sticking power no matter how you throw it.

The spike weighs in at 2 pounds and is made of 1055 Carbon steel.  This spike has been heat treated which protects it from breaking or damage.  Designed to be thrown in any style, underhand, overhead or from the side, this spike has amazing power.  If you’re in good practice you’ll be able to accurately penetrate targets at a wide variety of ranges.  The spike can be used for lethal force and easily take out nuisance animals such as raccoons.  This is a great throwing spike for someone who wants a well-made item with accuracy.

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Ninja Throwing Quills Spikes

ninjaspikesThe Ninja Throwing Quills set is a great Ninja equipment for anyone interested in throwing projectiles.  These can be used if you’re a beginner or if you belong to the more advanced of the throwing scene.  Even if you’re a master with bo shuriken or throwing knives you can appreciate this set.  The first impression is that they are a bit cheaply made however you soon lose that feeling when you see these spikes in action.  The tips are pointed, almost to the extreme, this also means they could get bent if you’re aiming for the wrong target.

The Ninja Throwing Quills make it easy to hit your target, no matter what you’re aiming for.  This is partly due to their compact size, they fit well into the palm of your hand.  They are a great set of spikes for any level of thrower and they fit anyone’s budget.

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Triple Edge Death Spike Nail

The Triple Kill is a perfectly balanced and weighted throwing spike.  The spike features a pyramid tip and then three edges down the trailing length.  It has been forged from high strength stainless steel and is highly accurate.  Part of this accuracy is due to the amazing workmanship that goes into this spike, you’ll get a spike that is uniform in both weight and design which makes throwing it easy.

The Triple Kill Ninja Defense Spike is well made and perfectly balanced, it fits well in the hands of the beginner and the advanced thrower.  Having been made from a single piece of metal, this method gives you a stronger spike with a more accurate weight and balance.  The handle has a comfortable grip to add to that accuracy.  Even the pommel is weighted with the throw in mind.  The throwing spike is sold with a handy carrying sheath that can be strapped to either your ankle or your arm.  You’ll be fully loaded for defense when it comes to the Triple Kill throwing spike.  This spike achieves great range and improved accuracy through its single-forged construction.

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The Best Ninja Throwing Knives Review

All these amazing throwing knives requires a bit of practice but it is the easiest to learn compared to a throwing spike. So, if you are interested in throwing and hitting targets you should try some of the below.

ACE Martial Arts Ninja Throwers

This triplet set of throwing knives is a smart addition to your collection as they possess a sleek shape and a rounded loop for carrying it without touching the blades. Additionally, the sharp blades, handy size and the nylon sheath casing rank it in the smart throwing knives category.

Best thing about this triplet is that they are made up of pure black stainless steel that gives them a look of a real ninja shaped knife. Also, its looped edges and slightly sharp blades make a good combination for beginners as they can easily protect their hands from cuts and bruises. Yet, the small size of the knife makes it difficult for good throwers to have a firm grip on them.
But, these amazing pointy blades in such an affordable price make them a good choice for ninja fans as such smart and stylish knives in a reasonable price is difficult to find!

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Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife Set

Perfect point knives are a set of three knives with sharp edges and stainless steel blades. Its nylon covering and awesome shape makes it an attractive piece to hang it from your belts. Their 6.5 inch size helps to form a good projectile when they are thrown towards a particular target.

The razor edges of the knives makes them the best throwers as you can easily hit a target with moderate force applied. Furthermore, their amazing lightweight quality makes them easy to throw and the durable manufacturing material makes it a good pick for ninja throws. But, this knife is not usually for beginners as it has very pointy edges and needs the expertise to handle it.

The strong and sticking quality of these knives makes them an appropriate choice as you can learn the throwing art after a few practice sessions. So, enjoy the throwing experience with these amazing knives without spending a large sum of money as they are seemingly affordable for all!

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Whetstone Cutlery Ninja Throwing Knife

A phenomenal balance and in hand size of these ninja kunai knives makes them a good option for practicing as you can carry them easily with you. The 6.5 inch size and circled loops help in hitting the target accurately. Also, the nylon storage case makes it easy to put them in your backpack while going on hiking trips.

You must start with this set of knives if you are going to learn the basic tips of throwing as they are lightweight, easy to throw, and not at all razor sharped. So, you can become a master of this art by starting your practice with them and their low price makes them more appropriate for this job. Nonetheless, their pure black color and unknotting nylon back sometimes gives the players a difficult time in acquiring their target.

Well, the price range is quite appropriate, so, we recommend this set to the newcomers at throwing ninja art. But, for learned fighters, it is definitely not the right pick.

United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower

Perfect in balance and shape, these 12 inches long three piece united cutlery set is the best option for anyone who wants to add an awesome addition to its collection. They are made of stainless steel and provide a definite accuracy for hitting the target. They fall in the category of reliable and stylish daggers that offers you an authentic hit every time you hit a target.

Highly sharped, perfect accuracy for distant targets and amazing throw without rotation are the qualities that make them worth buying. But, due to their heaviness they are difficult to handle with less expert people and they usually cannot grip with a rope for longer time.

Boot clips, leg straps and perfect precision for acquiring targets signals a yes from our side as you easily master the balancing once you are in full form.

What are Ninja Stars?

Ninja throwing stars are probably the first weapon you think of when you hear the word “ninjaâ€.

These throwing blades were at one time on the most closely guarded secrets in Japan. They are traditional weapons in Japan, designed to be concealed then thrown. In rare occasions ninja stars were used for slashing. The ninja star is usually made out of short blades that overlay each other. Invented during the Three-Year-War, these ninja stars can be created out of any sharp item.

Ninja Stars (Shuriken) are illegal to possess or carry in the United States since the late 1960’s. Laws were passed due to the size of the shuriken and their ability to be concealed. A ninja throwing star can be a deadly weapon that fits into the palm of your hand and easily concealed among your clothes. They gained popularity for these very reasons. The popularity of Bruce Lee and martial arts movies cause a surge in ninja star sales especially among children. Since the weapons were popular among children and were easy to carry or bring to school laws were passed to lump them into martial arts weapons. Today it is still illegal to carry or own a ninja throwing star but you will want to check with your own states laws to note all the details.

How to Make a Paper Ninja Star?

In the films a true ninja can make a weapon out of any common object, including paper! Now you can take these ninja skills and make your own shuriken out of this common household item. After all, you’ve gotten a paper cut before and you know that these little cuts can pack a lot of pain. Imagine if you used the power of a paper cut like a ninja!

A piece of paper won’t have the aerodynamics that you need to effectively turn it into a weapon. The best way to get paper to meet your needs is to fold it into a ninja throwing star. The Japanese art of folding paper is called origami and this ancient art can be used to construct your paper throwing star. These paper shurikens can be made quickly with any paper you have available.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Start with a square sheet of paper, any type will do but if you have origami paper, all the better. If you have a letter sized piece of paper you’ll want to make it square.
  2. Fold the square sheet of paper in half and then unfold. You’ll now have a crease down the center.
  3. Cut the paper in half along this crease
  4. Fold the paper in half again, this will make your strips even thinner then fold these strips down in half again. This gives you another crease in the middle to guide you.
  5. This step may be a little tricky, you’ll want to take the top half of the strip and fold it to the center without passing the halfway mark.
  6. You then fold the lower half the opposite way, again, not passing the halfway mark.
  7. Turn both strips of paper over
  8. Fold the top squares of both strips so the match each other.
  9. Fold the bottom squares of both strips so they match each other.
  10. You’ll now have two triangles, you’ll want to fold the top triangles and make sure the base of the triangle doesn’t pass the crease in the middle.
  11. Fold in the bottom triangles of both sheets, again, making sure they don’t pass the crease in the middle.
  12. Unfold the top and bottom triangles of both sheets.
  13. Turn the right sheet over and position it with the other sheet.
  14. You’ll then place the right sheet over the left sheet
  15. Tuck the right flap of the bottom sheet under the left side of the top sheet.
  16. Tuck the left flap of the bottom sheet under the right side of the top sheet.
  17. Turn the combined sheets over and tuck the flap into the pocket that is made by the top sheet
  18. Finally you’ll want to tuck the lower flap, the one that’s left hanging out, into the other pocket that is made by the top sheet

That’s it!! You’ve successfully made a four-point ninja throwing star.

How to throw a ninja throwing star?

Now that you’ve learned about the history of a ninja throwing star and also how to make one with paper, you’ll need to learn how to throw your shuriken.

There are two basic ways to accurately throw a ninja star – horizontally or vertically. When you throw a ninja star you can use the same motions that you would when throwing a baseball or even a Frisbee. However, you may also notice that it is extremely difficult to get much accuracy out of these methods. Vertical throwing is easier and it is the recommended style for beginners but both styles of throwing are discussed below.

  • Vertical Throwing – when you throw a ninja star in the vertical method you extend your arm forward and downward. You start this throwing position from above your head. The release of the ninja star occurs when your arm is straight in front of you. The essential part of this move is to flick your wrist at just the right moment. The right flick of the wrist gives your throw that much more momentum. This part will take practice so don’t worry if you don’t start hitting targets right away. Also, remember that you don’t really want to hurl it or throw it as hard as you can.
  • Horizontal Throw – when throwing the star in the horizontal position you’ll grip it in the same fashion. This throw is the horizontal version of the method described above. Use your dominant hand to throw your ninja star, for this example I’ll use the right hand since that is the dominant hand for the majority of people. You’ll want to keep your right leg forward of your right arm and keep your elbow close to your body. You will pivot your throw at your elbow, not your shoulder. You’ll move your arm across your body, in a horizontal motion. Don’t’ forget to add the same flick of your wrist when releasing the star.

Vertical direction is much simpler and easier as compared to the horizontal direction for beginners and horizontal direction is excellent for advanced users.

Here’s an useful video that tells you the ninja stars throwing technique.

Common Mistakes

After taking all the inevitable steps for the perfect release of a ninja star, sometimes you might fail in shooting a star to the target. Why? Here are some of the answers.

  • Wrist flicking motion not performed
  • Improper stance
  • Gripping of center from too close to the center
  • Weight inappropriately shifted
  • Arms either not straight or not close to the body


Now you have a better understanding of the history and theory behind the ninja throwing weapons and the ninja equipment. The shuriken is a great martial arts weapon if you come to understand it and respect it. No matter what you get, remember to practice throwing, with time and effort you’ll achieve the results you’re looking for whether for self-defence or generally accuracy and target throwing.


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