Why a Survival Multitool can Potentially Save Your Life

Multitools are known for their versatility, efficiency and compact nature for easy carrying. They’re a great piece of equipment to carry around with you in everyday life and for any outdoor wilderness excursion. In the wild, multitools can be your all-in-one life saver if you find yourself in survival mode. The best survival tool will be one that has the essentials, such as screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and at least two different blades. Other highly useful tools are a can opener, tweezers, corkscrew, awl and scissors.

Sure, you can use the tools for what they are intended for, but, with some innovative thinking, you can use the tools specifically for outdoor survival situations. The beauty of multitools is their multi-function capabilities. This article will outline the different ways you can use a survival multitool to potentially save your life in an outdoor survival situation.

10 Ways to Use a Multitool in an Outdoor Survival Situation

1. Digging and Prying

In an outdoor survival situation, you may find yourself needing to forage for food in the wild. The bottle opener of a multitool is a great little tool if you want to dig for edible roots or find insects under rotten logs. It can also help you dig a hole that will become your temporary outdoor toilet.

2. Making Tinder

In the wild, being able to start a fire will ensure that you can cook and stay warm at night. A multitool blade allows you to create thin tinder shavings and whittle away the outer layers of wood that’s wet. The large blade will be easier for creating shavings because it has a longer surface area that won’t overstress your wrist or blade. Your multitool’s can opener can also scrape off pieces of dry tree bark for tinder.

3. Collecting Wood

Of course, looking for tinder will not be enough to keep your fire going. You also need to harvest larger pieces of wood. However, most multitool blades will not be strong enough to chop wood effectively. It’s best to invest in a multitool that has a saw/serrated blade that will be able to saw off dead branches.

4. Emergency Signalling

If you find yourself stranded in the wild, you will need to find ways to signal for help. The large blade of your multitool can be used to reflect light from the sun and signal for help. Other ways you can send out signals in the event of an emergency is by building a large fire or putting out an S.O.S. message.

5. Striker for Fire Starting

If you happen to have lost or forgotten your striker for a fire-steel, your multitool will come to the rescue. If your multitool has an awl, it will work sufficiently as a striker. Hold the sharp edge of the awl against the steel at a 45-degree angle, then quickly pull back the steel to create a spark. Using the large blade of your multitool is not recommended because you will lose your edge quickly by using it as a striker.

6. Loosen Tight Knots

Knot tying is an important skill to have in outdoor survival situations, but sometimes you might have tied a knot that’s near impossible to loosen. Instead of cutting of the knot and wasting valuable cordage, you can use the corkscrew on your multitool to loosen it up. All you have to do is slide the pointed tip of the corkscrew into the knot and lightly pull on it until it begins to unravel.

7. Processing Fish and Game

If you find yourself in an outdoor survival situation where you’re beginning to hunt for your own food, a multitool will help make processing fish and game easier. If your multitool has a large and small blade, be sure to use the smaller blade to clean and process animals. It will give you more precision and control to ensure that the animals you’ve hunted are ready to eat.

8. Make a Compass

If you’ve lost all sense of navigation while out in the wild, you can easily make a simple compass with your multitool. If your multitool has tweezers, break off one side and rub it against your hair or wool clothing to magnetize it. Then find a puddle and float the magnetized tweezer on the smallest leaf possible. Your makeshift compass should align north-south.

9. Carving Kitchenware or Tools

In an outdoor survival situation, you might find yourself needing a cup, spoon or maybe even a spear. The can opener on your multitool can help you out with that. Just use the sharpened, curved edge of the can opener to scrape and hollow out pieces of wood.

10. First Aid

A multitool can be useful to respond to first aid emergencies. You can use the tweezer to take out slivers that can become infected. The blade or scissors can help you cut clothing or other gear that you will use as a bandage or splint for injuries.

Final Thoughts

When investing in a multitool for survival situations, be sure to keep these innovative functions in mind to find a multitool with these features. Also, be sure to invest in a high-quality multitool that will hold up in outdoor survival situations. The most durable multitools you will find are made out of steel, aluminum or titanium. Some multitools have handles made out of materials such as carbon fiber, wood or plastic. The handle type you choose will come down to personal preference and/or saving weight. Multitools are highly compact and easy to carry, but you may find yourself needing to balance between weight and the number of features you want/need in a survival multitool.

With the wide array of multitools on the market, be sure to research a wide variety of multitools to help find the one most suitable for your outdoor needs. Remember that the best survival multitool will be durable and have a wide variety of tools that you can be innovative with. It never hurts to be prepared, so invest in a multitool that will become your trusted companion during any wilderness excursion or emergency situation.

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