The Top 7 Hunting Survival Kits for all Hunters

There are legitimate arguments coming from both sides when it comes to hunting. Some ‘food’ animals are hunted to keep their populations down while most of us believe that trophy hunting for endangered species just can’t be defended.

Whichever side you’re on, hunting happens, and whether for sport or for food, hunting is not without risks. During the hunting season, the newspapers inform us of hunting tragedies, from accidental shootings to falls from tree stands. Whether its firearms or bow hunting accidents or an animal turning on you, you need to prepare yourself for accidents.

As hunters start preparing for the hunting season, they need to first of all check out when the hunting season starts in their state, what type of hunting they will be participating in, and what safety plans they have in place.

Michigan, for instance, is one of the most popular places to hunt for whitetail deer and the earliest hunting dates start in about September. While hunter education courses have decreased hunting-related injuries, you want to be sure that the excitement you feel for the hunting season remains throughout your hunting expedition. Check the weather report before you head out and carry a hunting survival kit so that the odds of having an enthralling time and surviving a serious injury are improved.

Let’s look at some good survival kits that can assist you as you take part in the hunting season:

1. Guardian Hunters Survival Kit

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This survival kit has been designed by Emergency Preparedness and Hunting Professionals and has all that is required for an emergency in the bush. The kit contains survival rations and water, as well as essential first aid items. Items in this emergency kit are packed in a Deluxe Camo backpack which still has space for some of your own personal items.

Some of the things you’ll find in this survival kit for hunters is food and water for 72 hours and which has a 5-year shelf life. There are also water purification tablets, Dynamo 4-in-1 radio flashlight, 30-hour emergency candle, waterproof matches, emergency survival sleeping bag, body warmers, poncho, nylon rope, hygiene products and much more.

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2. Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits

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This emergency kit for disaster preparedness is small but it has a host of accessories to meet the needs of hunters and adventurers. This kit is regarded as a “must-have” for your hiking, camping or hunting trip as it has everything needed for when things go wrong.

The fire starter bracelet is a boon to have on any trip in the wilds, and after just a few strikes, it ignites. If you’re on a fishing trip, you’ll appreciate the fishing line included to catch any kind of fish. The emergency kit contains, among others,a flint bracelet, whistle flashlight, outdoor emergency blanket, ear plugs, compass and floats.

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3. Hunter/Mountain Kit

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The professional grade survival kit by Solkoa is packed in a sturdy nylon pouch which has been made in the USA. The kit has been designed by professional survival consultants at Solkoa Survival Systems. It weighs just 1 pound and 12 ounces. It has been designed for use in higher elevations during a fall or winter hunting season and will support a hunter for 3 or more days until a search party arrives.

In the kit are about 40 items which includes medical products for traumatic injuries. There are food and water items, items for shelter, navigational tools and signal items. Some of them are waterproof paper, heat reflecting blanket, storm-proof matches, rescue whistle, water purification tablets, medication and much more. The team at Solkoa simply wants to ensure they provide hunters with a kit that will help them when their lives most depend on it.

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4. KUOYI Survival Kit

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This emergency SOS Survival pack for hikers, hunters, campers and travelers has everything needed to survive. Some of the important items in the kit are a magnesium fire starter, a compass, whistle, LED flashlight, pocket folding knife, emergency whistle, wire saws, pliers and more. All the items are designed to be high-quality to meet your wilderness survival needs. The items are packed in a portable waterproof zipper tool case. The case is also shock resistant and resistant to falls.

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5. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit

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This kit is made up of 16 essential tools. All the items are packed in a zippered, waterproof bag. The overall weight of the survival kit for hunters, hikers or adventurers weighs just 4.2 ounces. Inside the kit you’ll find useful information about land to air rescues as well as a pocket guide which contains important survival essentials information.

There are a host of valuable items in the kit including a signaling mirror, fire starter, mini-light, hand saw, cotton ball fire tinder, emergency cord, snare wire, fishing kit, waxed thread, clutch multi-tool and more. Anybody who has watched survival expert Bear Grylls on TV will know that if a survival product is endorsed by him, it must be good. Gerber is renowned as a master of knives and tools, and their life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind.

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6. Xuanlan Outdoor Survival Kits

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Hunting season is a time for caution. Accidental shootings and other accidents make people wish they’d never considered hunting. Always be prepared for accidents even when you feel 100% in control. This multi-purpose emergency kit in a waterproof zipper bag is the perfect friend for the hiker, camper, biker or hunter.

For starters, the zipper tool case is shockproof and filled with sponge. The survival kit, apart from its fishing tools, includes a compass, flint-stone and scraper, emergency whistle, utility knife, flashlight, safety pin box and more.

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7. SOS Survival Kit

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This emergency kit by Koala USA is perfect for hiking, camping, climbing, biking and for hunting. The kit is small and it can be placed in your backpack or in your car. This multifunction tool is packed with items that can help you on your hunting trip when things are going well or for when something goes wrong.

Some of the things included in this kit are a pocket folding knife, LED flashlight, multifunctional tool card, pliers, outer hexagonal wrench, positioning wrenches, emergency whistle, compass, fire starter, wire saw, flashlight and other items.

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Final Thoughts

Bush and hunting emergencies can come unexpectedly and can have fatal consequences if you aren’t prepared. A hunter wants “just the basics” survival kit for those emergencies that can threaten to bring a hunting trip to a halt without them. In a hunting environment, a hunter isn’t likely to die of hunger, but maintaining body temperature in icy environments is important.

Other life threatening medical emergencies which a hunter might well be confronted with are snake or insect bites, heart attack, as well as anaphylactic shock resulting from an allergy. The ability to make fire is absolutely essential. Fire provides warmth, protection from wild animals, and the ability to cook.

On a hunting expedition, dress warmly and always look for a hunting survival kit for hunters that has been put together by those who know the ways of the bush.


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