The Top 5 Bow Release Reviews

What are Bow Releases?

In advance archery, lots of different equipment is used to augment the efficacy and accuracy of the shooting along with the hunting, e.g. using an archery arrow rest. Similarly, Bow releases are the assisting equipment which is used to provide the accuracy and stability in the archery.

Mechanical bow releases are introduced in the archery world for increasing the ease of the archers and reducing their efforts while releasing the bow. Though, some analysts have also stated that mechanical bow releases are also beneficial because they reduce the strain over the fingers, which is used for releasing the bow.

Somehow, this mechanical aid is not only assisting the archer to execute the bow to the target, it also lets you stay focus on the target and get it done in less timeframe.

Bow releases are available in a huge variety, and in this article, we will go through the top 5 bow release that we have reviewed.

How to Choose the Best Bows Releases?

There is a great variety of bow releases offered for providing greater comfort while releasing the bow and holding the arrow.

According to Steve Tentler, Tru Fire Company owner, ‘affordability and cost are the two important factors while choosing the bow releases by many archers. They choose either the handheld or wrist model according to the respected costs’.

Handheld releases are somehow difficult but they could be used by the advanced archers especially for the tree stand hunts; at the other end of the spectrum, the wrist model releases are easy to use because they need less effort than the handheld.

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4T handle thumb is best for the hunters. It is easy to use and a reasonable price. This release is the inevitable component for all the advanced archers. Its head rotates in 360 degrees so that the target can easily be achieved. My favorite feature about T handle thumb release is that I can easily fit my release on the wrist and it makes the release more comfortable while performing the archery.

Moreover, only thumb’s pressure is used in this release, which makes this release more amazing and simple. The drawback of this release is that the screws can be loosened anytime, which can be the reason of improper archery execution.

Anyhow, it is a good product, and would like to buy another. It is highly recommended for all the archers who want to explore the amazing releases.

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Tru-Fire Patriot Black Release

TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow ReleaseThis type of release provides smooth and exact action. Apart from the affordable price, its dual caliper enables one to make the shot very easy or extremely difficult by turning the embedded heads. It also has adjustable trigger travel.

Jaws of the release can be closed if the trigger is pushed forward. Along with the coated jaws and triggers, a power strap made up of nylon provides greater support for the accurate release. For providing easy loading, super-wide mouths are installed for mechanically locking and opening onto the string.

It is a durable, efficient, and high-quality product and definitely, I would like to suggest using for the hunting purpose.

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Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release

TruFire Hardcore BuckleThis assisting accessory is amazing in every aspect either the adjustable trigger travel or the self-adjusting hook.

Hardcore not only minimizes the torque; in fact, it also gives the feature of adjusting the length in between the strap and head. By just simply rotating the head either clockwise or anticlockwise, it can also be fixed with the screws.

Hardcore has designed with the rapid trigger release along with the hook which prevents the abrupt slippage of the loop while drawing back the arrow. For fixing the target and performing well enough, the foldback system along with the buckle strap is the great assistor for providing an exceptional shot.

I would highly recommend this for hiking, climbing up due to its exceptional feature of twisting the head to the 360 degrees.

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Tru-Fire Hurricane HC-EX-BW Extreme Buckle Web Release

TruFire Hurricane Extreme BuckleIt is the great modification of the dual caliper release. Apart from the exceptional feature of the dual caliper release, it is also equipped with the advance spring-loaded trigger which provides greater accuracy and comfort while releasing the arrows.

The drawback of the Hurricane is that it doesn’t provide 360-degree rotation, making the execution a bit difficult in some situations. But other features like variability to fits in either of the big handed or small-handed archer, hook for reducing the chances of loop slippage make this assisting accessory more interesting than the other drawbacks.

Good construction, durable, length adjustable, affordable, inexpensive, and highly efficient product. It’ll suit all the archers, no matter either you’re a beginner or advance one.

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Allen 153 Archery Caliper Release

Allen 153 Archery Caliper ReleaseAllen works very well and is a good product at this price. It works on the basis of caliper release but somehow it doesn’t assist in the flawless shot.

Another feature that makes me careful while using this release is that the trigger is very delicate and light, so draw back the arrow carefully. Remember, always place your finger behind the trigger, it’ll give the greater accuracy.

Its head rotates 360-degree rotation, augmenting the accuracy of the shot. T style pivot is also fixed for reducing the torque produced over the wrist.

Its Velcro strap is also not good because it contains two straps, making the release much more complicated. Its length is also non-adjustable, suitable for only one hand’s size.

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The archery release is the inevitable accessory for your archery sports because it provides greater efficacy, accuracy, and adjustability.

However, it is important to get the right releases to assist your hunting or even your competition. The above-discussed releases are the great options, which you can easily purchase according to your range. Nevertheless, the bow is not complete without the proper release.


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