The Best Archery Shooting Gloves Review and Guide

Why should you wear archery shooting gloves for archery? I’m glad you asked that very important question. Archers don’t wear shooting gloves to make a fashion statement. There are safety and comfortability factors involved in wearing gloves while shooting bows on the archery range or while hunting.

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Why Wear Archery Shooting Gloves?

So, what are archery shooting gloves for? Gloves are worn to protect the hands against potential injury while shooting arrows. For instance wood splinters exploding from the bow can hit the hand causing painful wood fragments to imbed into the flesh. Splintered hands will undoubtedly cause unnecessary pain for the archer minimizing his ability to efficiently shoot the arrow and profuse bleeding may result from the injured hand. Carbon fragments can also lodge in the bow hand. Broken arrows may veer off course and strike the unsuspecting archer’s hand. Insulated winter gloves aid in keeping the hands warm and summer mesh gloves prevent the hands from excessive sweating. It is wise for any serious archer to invest in a good pair of shooting gloves.

Below is a archery 101 video which explains using finger tabs. gloves and silencers.

The Best Shooting Gloves for Archery

Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove

The Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove, is manufactured in a classical three finger design. The glove is brown in color and weighs 0.5 ounce. The dimensions are 8.2inches x 6inches x1inch it comes in small, medium, large and x-large adult sizes. It is made out of soft, supple dyed 100% leather with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap. The glove is thin and lightweight fitting both the right and left hand. It is ideal for lighter bows. The glove is durable and can be used over and over again without wearing it out.

The glove is easy to adjust and wears in easily. It’s long lasting and works very well with lighter weighing bows. It has good flexibility with keen sensitivity allowing the fingers to feel the bow string. It is rated as one of the five top archery shooting gloves on the market. It received a 4.0 overall rating out of 180 reviews.

User’s found the glove left their hands discolored black from profuse sweating. The glove doesn’t breathe very well. The glove is not functional for heavier bows and is limited to lighter weighing bows where it really performed well. Another drawback is the glove doesn’t come in children sizes and is geared for only adult archers.

Overall the glove would be a good long range purchase. It is smartly designed to fit either the right or left hand and its lightweight to work very well with lighter bows. It’s not designed for heavier bows which limits is usefulness. Another major negative selling point is that it does not come in children sizes. Despite these two major weaknesses is strengths outperform its bad points and would be a good buy.

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Neet Suede Archery Shooting Glove

This particular model of glove comes in a variety of sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL which universally seems to fit hand sizes across the board. The model offers two different types of finger tips. Hair Calf tips and leather tips. The glove has suede on the top covering the finger and palm area. The bottom of the glove is leather covering the bottom of the hand and finger areas. This manufacturer designed the glove to fit kid size hands as well as adults. The Neet glove comes with hook and loop fasteners and there is an elastic back insert for a comfortable fit for the hands and fingers. It comes in the standard three finger configuration.
The upside of the glove is that even though it’s stiff at first; it softens quite quickly after a little use and it is very durable and doesn’t wear out quickly. It improves shooting accuracy in some cases. The gloves allowed shooters to feel their bow strings nicely. It protects the fingers from injury and allows the shooter to shoot for longer periods of time without any pain.

Major downsides to the glove interferes with shooting accuracy. The gloves tend to be sized wrong. People with smaller hands needed to use one size larger and people with big hands needed to downsize to smaller sizes. The glove seems to be a product that user will hate or love.

Despite the seemingly polar opposite good and bad points of the glove, overall the reviews for the good points of the glove far outweighed the negative views of the glove. The glove is listed as one of the top five shooting gloves for use. I would definitely recommend this glove to any person looking to start shooting with a bow or a seasoned bow shooter would a fare well with this glove.

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October Mountain Products Traditional Glove

The glove is manufactured with genuine leather unlike other gloves that are designed with imitation leather or suede. Other gloves are designed with a combination of the two as well. The glove is dark brown and has a Velcro wrist strap to tighten around the hand. The glove comes in different sizes. It will fit the right or left hand for universal use for any archer. It is dark brown with reinforced tips.

The pros to this glove are the have no break in period. They fit nicely on the shooter’s hand from the very beginning. The reinforced finger tips give double protection for the shooters hands. This prevents the archer’s hands from getting hurt for longer periods of time than other gloves of the same make. The gloves seem to help shooters find their release points easier.

The cons are the glove wrist strap doesn’t allow the glove fit snugly around the shooter’s hand. Another setback is after each shot the index finger and ring fingers on the glove would rotate out of position causing discomfort for the user. The durability of the glove hasn’t been determined. One case study found that after three shots the glove came unraveled and couldn’t be used. Based on the weak points and strong points of this glove, the negative aspects of the glove outweigh the positive points. It would be recommended to not purchase this glove because of the bad points in its design. It just isn’t worth the money.

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Dark Archer Tactical 3 Finger Shooting Archery Glove

This glove is a one of a kind design. It is seamless with nodules placed at strategic points on the glove. The 3-D design is not made out of either suede or leather but latex. Supposedly the lightest material made for gloves in the industry. The glove comes in multiple sizes.

The glove is seamless preventing threads from coming unwoven over time. The glove is as durable as suede and leather. The design is unique in that it is made out of latex rubber. The glove is molded together instead of being stitched together. The material is lighter allowing for greater manual movement for the wearer.

The glove is recommended by the manufacturer to be rubbed down with their silicone protectant which prevents cracking in the material this is an added extra expense which is unnecessary. The glove will eventually crack or break. The glove is made out of rubber which will perpetuate perspiration in the fingers and hand.

Overall the glove is a good purchase because it is made of latex rubber and is molded to a seamless finish. Another plus for this product is was listed as one of the top five shooting gloves.

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These gloves are beneficial and critical to preventing serious blistering and cutting wounds to the hands and fingers of any serious bow shooter. The gloves also improve the shooters accuracy and they can maintain the feel of their bow strings. Every bow shooter needs to make archery shooting gloves a necessary part of their shooting experience!

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