The Best Reverse Compound Crossbows Reviews

When it comes to crossbows, the same basic design has been around forever.  In fact, historically, crossbows have been using the same design for 1,000’s of years.  Over the years, technology has evolved to include better scopes and modern, lightweight materials.  Reverse compound crossbows take advantage of a simple concept, the any crossbow needs a heavy draw to be effective.  This draw, however, has some disadvantages including noise and vibration.  Reverse compound crossbows change that.

What are reverse compound crossbows

Reverse compound crossbows have limbs that are backwards or reversed from a normal design.  In this design, you essentially take the riser and put it on the back of the stock, sometimes even behind where the trigger will be located.  The reverse compound crossbow will actually move the trigger forward putting more weight to the back of the bow.  This means the weight is closer to the shooter’s shoulder.  The limbs will then come out of the riser and point forward.

The advantages to this design when compared to traditional bows are varied but mainly focus on the shooting power of the setup itself.  By design, reverse compound crossbows have a longer distance from front to back, sometimes called a “stroke”.  This increased distance means that your arrow is shot at a higher speed.  For example, you can get up to 400 fps with a lower draw weight.  That is a huge difference when compared against traditional crossbow models

So what are some of the disadvantages?  For one, there aren’t as many options of accessories with a reverse compound crossbow and this is due to the design of the bow itself.  You’re also limited to the OEM cables and strings that come with the bow, once again, because of the bow and its design.  It is important to use all the components and OEM parts that are supplied with the bow itself.

While you gain a lot when you use a reverse compound crossbow, keep in mind all of the strengths and weaknesses of the setup.  If you do, you’ll be sure to cover all the bases when you find a reverse compound crossbow that you like.

The best reverse compound crossbows reviews

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow

Barnett Vengeance CrossbowThe Barnett is a great reverse compound crossbow that is sure to fit into most people’s budgets.  The bow features a reverse limb technology that is paired with ultra-light carbon materials.  The result is a bow that delivers a fast and extremely powerful shot.  The weight of the bow is fantastic, with the counter balance set to the rear and toward your shoulder.  The bow feels great when you fire it and carry it.  Weighing just 8 pounds, it is easy to carry this bow deep into the backcountry and not even break a sweat.

The Barnett Vengeance goes together easily and intuitively, you don’t even need the supplied instructions to figure it out which makes things simple right out of the box.  Not only does it go together easily, it looks great once you have it assembled.  The sleek look of this bow is one of the best features.

The bow is made well and it feels durable when you’re working the bow itself.  Cocking is easy with a 148 pound draw and the trigger responds like a dream.  It is quick and quiet which you have to love!

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Barnett BC Raptor Reverse Draw Crossbow

Barnett BC Raptor Reverse Draw CrossbowThe Barnett BC Raptor is another great option by Barnet.  It features integrated grip technology to reduce recoil and that is one of the best things about the reverse draw crossbow.  When you fire this bow off, you barely feel it and that is saying something.  The Barnett BC Raptor I swell balanced and lightweight, coming in under 8 pounds without counting any accessories.  If you add a quiver onto that, the weight will go up.  However, weight is still comfortable for carrying and packing.

If you’re looking for a lightweight bow that feels good in your hand, the Barnett BC Raptor is one of the best.  The ergonomics on the bow are great with modelled and contoured hand grips.  Couple that with the recoil control and the bow fits into your hand like a dream.  The Barnett BC Raptor also does well for the price and can be handled by shooters of any experience level.  The crossbow will grow with you and your experience level, if you’re looking for a bow that will last a lifetime of shooting, you should definitely give the Raptor a try.  The overall design of the bow is sleek and modern coupled with the lightweight stock and body.

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Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow

Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX CrossbowThe Storm RDX is a true innovator when it comes to reverse compound crossbows.  Though one of the more expensive models on this list, you truly get what you pay for with the Horton Storm RDX.  This is a compact bow by design with a narrow stock that measures just 10 inches from side to side when drawn.  The bow has the benefit of being lightweight too, constructed with a machined aluminium riser.  The aluminium is the perfect blend of strength and weight, especially if you plan on carrying this crossbow throughout a day’s hunt.  It’s also great for target shooting since reduced weight also means reduced arm fatigue.

The Storm RDX has a built in self-locking limb pocket to reduce twisting and limb stress, this feature means you’ll get more use and years out of the bow.  The bow draws at 165-pounds but features an unmatched shot speed.  We cannot emphasize enough just how well made the Storm RDX is.  With dynaflight strings and cables, the bow also features aluminium cams.  The fires at 370 feet per second and works well with large game.  Deer hunting will never be the same with a Horton Storm RDX.

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If you’re looking for a fantastic reverse compound crossbow, the Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Crossbow is our personal favorite.  The price point is high if you’re just getting into the sport, but if you’re an experienced shooter, you won’t regret the purchase.  If you’re thinking twice about spending the money, try the Barnett BC Raptor Reverse Draw Crossbow.  It’s a close second and fits into most people’s budget.

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