The Best G-Shock Survival Watch Review

Producer and actor, Bear Grylls, is also a renowned survival and outdoor adventurer. He is always involved in various wilderness survival television series, and during his wild pursuits, you’ll notice that he always has an interesting array of G-Shock survival watch choices.

A G-Shock watch or Gravitational Shock survival watch is a line of watches manufactured by Casio. They have been designed to resist shock and vibration.

These watches, worn also by Prince Harry of the UK and a host of celebrities, can certainly increase your chances of survival in treacherous wilderness areas.

G-Shock Watches with Built-In Distress Signals

The basic models are updated twice a year, and with so much on offer, it’s no wonder that these watches have become collectors’ items.

Typically worn by mountaineers, hikers, divers, firemen and paramedics, it doesn’t hurt anyone to be prepared and armed with basic survival skills and tools for any emergency situation – just in case.

A G-shock survival watch is robust and can stand up to all sorts of weather conditions, coming with an array of useful features. Just look at the Breitling Emergency watch – the only watch currently with a built-in personal distress beacon so you can summon search and rescue. They have since released an updated version of this famous Emergency watch designed to be used in situations where you’re waiting to be rescued.

G-Shock Watches Know No Limits

It is interesting to note that while it is not 100% sure what timepiece Sir Edmund Hillary wore when he reached the summit of Mount Everest way back in 1953, Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was wearing a Rolex at the summit. Today, watch manufacturers work relentlessly to ensure their watches are selected for mountaineers and other adventurers. Certainly, the watches worn by Hillary and Norgay played a critical role in their success, as they helped the two monitor their oxygen reserves during their Everest expedition.

As it was Rolex, the expedition’s sponsor, who provided Norgay with a gold Rolex Datejust for his part in helping mountaineers reach the top of Everest. A watch like this, whether you’re hiking, camping or trying to survive, isn’t just an attractive, eye-catching accessory on your wrist – it could be your life-saver.

When it comes to picking out a survival watch, you could start by thinking about what survival situations you might find yourself in. You’ll want a watch that can survive with you in the heat and cold, in the sun, sand and snow. Most of all you need a watch that can help you survive the deadliest situations and live to tell the tale. Therefore, the watch also needs to be easy to use, made of robust military-grade materials, and have life-saving features.

Our Editor’s Best G Shock Survival Watches Review:

Rescue Big Case Watch

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Robust Durability from Casio

Made in the USA, this robust watch with special features, such as time zones, lunar and tide phases, will alert you to the current phase of the tides and the moon. This excellent G-shock watch from Casio has been built tough for any adventure you’re on. With icy cold fingers, there’ll be no battling with reading your watch as it comes with large buttons.

Water Resistant to Great Depths

This Rescue Big Case Watch with Japanese quartz movement with digital display is also water resistant to 660 ft. It is, therefore, a great choice for scuba divers. The shock-resistant sport watch with low temp LCD, auto EL backlight and flash alert comes with an attractive red resin band with buckle closure. This G-Shock, with its attractive, eye-catching, red case, is also available in black. It is the perfect companion for those strenuous outdoor activities, but particularly excellent for scuba diving, surfing and boating.

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The Aviation Range

The only Digital- & Analogue watch in the Range

There are actually several different watches in this range. The GW3500B-1A, like the other watches in the range, have a unique feature. They can function at the 12Gs that are felt in an air race and they’re resistant to ice, water, vibrations and pistons. The GW3500B-1A model is a little bit different from the others in this range. It only weighs in at 82g compared to the regular 146g of the others.

The watch is solar powered, water resistant to 200m, it keeps track of time in no less than 50 cities around the world, and it is also the only digital and analogue watch in the range. This black resin strap G-Shock watch with black dial and orange indices with date window has 3 sub-dials and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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Excellent Readability

The GWG-1000-1A9JF battery powered Japanese analogue quartz model has received plenty of positive feedback from G-Shock enthusiasts, as well as collectors. Its large hour and minute hands require you glancing at it just once. The watch comes with double LED light to illuminate the face and provide superb readability. It has a vibration resistant structure and has been designed to cope in tough areas.

A Reliable ABC Watch

You won’t get any dirt or other debris harming the watch as the buttons are protected with cylindrical guard structures and gasket linings. This analog-digital upgrade and high-end G-Shock watch also has Gel technology to protect it from any malfunctioning due to abnormal vibrations. This is an ABC watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass), offering important information for adventurers. They have built in sensors to measure temperature, altitude, compass bearing as well as atmospheric pressure. Despite its many features, this rugged watch is lightweight and comfy to wear.

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Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

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Innovative technology from Casio

This G-shock tough, solar power watch from Casio with an EL backlight which automatically turns on has some useful features. Its attractive round, black dial displays day, date and month. You also get yourself a shock resistant watch which is also water resistant to 660 feet. It comes with a countdown timer, stopwatch, world times and no less than 5 alarms.

Months of Solar Powered Battery

It’s solar powered battery will see you through every adventure as it can operate for up to 11 months on a full charge. With Japanese quartz movement, the sturdy wrist watch comes with a convenient, solar-powered battery, which can operate for up to 11 months on a full charge. There is a solar panel built into the face of the watch. With its silicone band with buckle closure, this modern timepiece is a must-have for the adventurous, man-of-the-moment guy.

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Rangeman “Master of Gâ€

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B00H4M0VCO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”deadbullseye-20″ width=”300″]

Solar Powered Reliability

This lightweight 3.2 ounces Master of G Range – GW0400-3 ─ does plenty for any adventurer. The Rangeman line offers superb resistance to shocks, and with its olive green color, blends in perfectly with the outdoors. The wrist watch comes will all the features you need for any outdoor pursuits, from camping to hiking to surfing. The solar powered watch offers compass, thermometer, altimeter and barometer.

Handy Movement-of-Arm Illumination

A very handy feature with this watch is the ability to illuminate the watch simply with the Auto EL movement – the movement of your arm. There is a sensor button comes with a metal cover which protects the watch from dirt and impact. Pressing the sensor button takes you to a sensor screen with an audible tone so you don’t need to even look at your watch to see which mode you are entering. The green resin band, complete with black face, is shock and mud resistant, as well as being 200m water resistant. Offering world time and 31 time zones, this is your ultimate companion in any unforgiving wilderness areas you find yourself in.

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Final Thoughts


The first G-shock watch was launched in 1983, and since then Casio has been developing these watches, using new, stronger materials and adding in life-saving features. This is so that adventurers the world over can go where others fear to go.

The G shock survival watch is robust, shock-resistant and multi-functional. Each one has its pros and cons and each one comes with features that can ensure you are prepared in the event of any emergency. All you have to do is step out boldly into a word of exciting adventure.


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