The Best Emergency Whistle Review

Thrill seekers are always looking for that adrenaline rush, and they drive themselves to attempt feats that are more daring, more testing. Your chances of survival in the wilderness as a thrill seeker can be put down to character, mind-set, personality, knowledge and equipment.

An adventurer needs to understand how critical it is to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Certainly, being able to contact someone for help is one of the most important things with outdoor adventuring emergencies.

There are a number of survival tools that are important for any outdoor adventure, and a high-quality, inexpensive whistle is one. When out in the wilderness, it can be heard for miles away, and can direct help towards you.

An advantage with a portable whistle for attracting attention is that it doesn’t rely on batteries to work. Adventurers know, all too well, that in just a matter of seconds, a riveting adventure can turn into a life-threatening situation and a readily available whistle can summon help immediately.

These survival whistles are made from either high-quality, lightweight, ABS plastic or steel and some of the best produce a level of 60 to 120 decibel sounds with variations in sound from each whistle.

Even Simple Whistles Require Education

A blast from a survival whistle will let people know that help is being summoned. Of course, proper education around the use of an emergency whistle is important. Responsible use of a whistle is imperative, and both children and adults need to be educated on the responsible ownership and usage of these safety whistles.

With this emergency whistle review, we look at some of the best survival whistles you should consider for your next wilderness adventure:

1. Vargo Titanium

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A robust emergency whistle is a must-have for any survival kit, and the Vargo Titanium is one of the best titanium emergency whistles on the market. This simple, lightweight, one-piece whistle is a worthwhile survival whistle in your pocket or backpack.

Made with titanium, the superlight whistle weighs just 1/10th of an ounce. Its pea-less design measures 2.2″ x 0.3″ and from this whistle you get a 100+ decibel level sound. The whistle comes with a reflective lanyard.

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2. Koala Lifestyle Safety Whistle

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For well over 25 years ago, Fox 40 have been developing the best survival whistles in the world. Their Sonik Blast whistle offers 120+ decibels of high pitched sound which can be heard from more than a mile away. Adventurers will appreciate that the super-durable whistle is moisture resistant and therefore suitable for boating, hiking and for lifeguards.

It’s a whistle that can’t be over-blown. Its pealess design is also appealing as there are no moving parts on this whistle. The whistle comes with a quick release safety buckle lanyard.

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3. TACRAY TC4 Titanium

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This outdoor emergency whistle is made from Ti-6AL-4V titanium alloy. Adventures will appreciate that the best titanium emergency whistle is capable of drawing immediate attention. The Tacray TC4’s maximum sound intensity is 120 decibels and the whistle is also resistant to corrosion.

The non-toxic, non-allergenic whistle has a sturdy design, and its colorful surface oxidation-treated body ensures it is sanitary and durable. It comes in attractive colors, such as gold and blue or purple and blue.

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4. All Weather Safety Whistle

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The All Weather Storm Safety Whistle is described as the loudest whistle on the market. In fact, the Storm whistle can be heard up to 50 feet underwater. This is because of its chamber forcing out all water when the whistle is blown.

This shrill whistle has been made in the USA and is a popular choice for lifeguards, for divers and for those who want a reliable emergency whistle. The all-weather whistle creates a clear, high, frequency sound and will do its work with alerting someone.

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5. Coghlan’s 6 Function Whistle

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When planning for travel in the wilderness, it’s great to know that you’re prepared. This 6-function safety whistle is the best survival whistle there is as it comes with a host of tools that you could say are the perfect companions for any outdoor adventure.

Included with the whistle are a flashlight, compass, signal, magnifier and Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometer. Shrill-sounding, the whistle is made of sturdy plastic and measures 10 x 4.3 x 3.6 inches. It comes with a convenient lanyard with clip for wearing around your neck or attached to your backpack.

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6. HyperWhistle

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Outdoor enthusiasts always wonder just how far the best emergency whistle will be heard. This survival whistle with dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.25’’ is considered to be one of the loudest in the world. Up to 142db, and with Omni Directional Output, the HyperWhistle can be heard up to 2 miles away.

Everybody wants one of these whistles, and sports coaches and life guards use them to be heard over plenty of noise. They are also sought out for survival and emergency situations. What is particularly useful is that the whistle is all-weather, and can even be used underwater.

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7. UST

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Anybody in an emergency situation loves the unobtrusiveness of this flat-design whistle. With its pea-less construction, the all-weather UST Jet Scream whistle’s flat design means it is also waterproof. Made of durable, ABS plastic, the 2.25 x 1.3 x 0.5’’ whistle can be dunked in water and come up still working as it can’t hold any water.

Cheap doesn’t always mean a no-good and this cheap but reliable whistle can get you out of serious trouble. With dual tone technology, it produces a loud 100db, and can be heard a mile away. It also attaches to your backpack, around your neck or on your belt and is always ready to help you out of an emergency situation by summoning help.

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Final Thoughts


We’ve rounded up these cool whistles for you, each one being an essential part of your survival equipment.

An emergency whistle review is important because it highlights the good and the bad of these ultimate survival tools. Emergency whistles can be like a lifeline thrown to you when you’ve been separated from your group or there’s been an earthquake and you’re lying under rubble. Each of these whistles in this review have their own pros and hardly any cons, if any.

The piercing sounds from these best emergency whistles can be heard far and wide, making them the ultimate survival companions.


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