The Best Dart Cases In The Market

The best way to transport darts is by housing them in a carrying case. A dart case will keep them safe and secure, and reduce the likelihood of your darts getting damaged. Dart cases come in all shapes and sizes, and are made with various kinds of material.

This article will give an overview of the factors to consider when choosing a dart case, and provide you with product reviews of the most popular dart cases you’ll find on the market.

Factors to Consider



The size of your dart case will depend on how many darts you intend to carry with you and if you want a case that has enough room for extra dart gear, such as spare flights, shafts, flight protectors and snap rings. There are small wallet-sized dart cases available that can fit three darts easily in your pocket. Dart cases come in varying sizes that can house 6, 9, 12 or more darts. Larger dart cases often have compartments for spare dart parts and other accessories.


If darts are not stored properly, they can get warped, cracked and damaged beyond repair. It’s important to invest in a durable case that will keep them intact. If you’re content with a soft case, be sure that it has enough padding to keep your darts safe. For extra protection, consider a hard dart case that will be virtually indestructible. Hard cases are often heavier and bulkier to transport than soft cases, but they will give you the highest degree of protection.

Assembled Versus Disassembled Darts

It’s also important to consider whether you want to store your darts assembled or disassembled. Darts are easier to store disassembled, but they will wear and tear more easily from constant assembly and disassembly. If you want to store your darts assembled, then be sure you find a case that’s compatible and secure enough to house them without breaking.

Product Reviews

Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the dart cases you’ll find available.


GLD Products Casemaster Quiver 3 Dart Storage Case

The Casemaster Quiver dart case can hold three fully assembled darts within the interior dart slots. The interior also features six storage pockets that allow you to store extra flights, shafts and tips. The padded interior is made with intricately woven fibers that are durable enough to withstand years of use.

The exterior is made with a scratch-resistant black nylon and a security zipper that effectively keeps moisture out. The Casemaster Quiver also has a mesh pocket with a Velcro closure for dart tips and a belt clip on the back for your carrying convenience.

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GLD Products Casemaster Belt Clip 3 Dart Storage Case

The Casemaster Belt Clip dart case features three dart slots, a protective dart barrier, and two large pockets for extra storage. The three dart barrier holsters act a defensive wall to ensure that the fully assembled darts are well protected from forceful damage.

Each slot has a firm and tight grip that holds the darts securely in place. For extra durability, the case is made out of scratch resistant nylon that keeps moisture out.

It also features a belt clip for easy carrying and a removable insert for dart barrels and tips.

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GLD Products Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Storage Case

The Casemaster Ternion is an embossed aluminum case that can hold three sets of darts fully assembled. This large case has enough room for plenty of extra gear: six pockets for extra flights and a wrench, three mini sleeves for extra shafts or soft tips, one large accessory pocket, and a plastic container for extra tips or other dart accessories. This briefcase-style case is durable and easy to carry around. It features a top swivel handle and a buckle that keeps the case shut tight when not in use.

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GLD Products Casemaster Elite 9 Dart Storage Case

The Casemaster Elite dart case is made out of a durable scratch resistant nylon and a padded interior with two foam cushioned inserts. It’s large enough to hold nine fully assembled darts and other dart accessories; it has seven storage pockets for flights and a quad-system tube storage for shafts and tips. It has a briefcase design with a durable grip handle and nylon straps for your carrying convenience. The Elite has a hard case construction which prevents its external walls from breaking or getting damaged.

The nine interior dart slots also hold the darts firmly in place to ensure they do not get damaged during transport.

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Cosmo Darts Fit Flight Dart Case

Cosmo Darts has specifically designed this dart case to store darts with a molded flight set up. It’s ideal for any soft or steel tip darts that have a Fit Flight, L-Style or Harrows Click flight. This durable case allows you to store a set of three darts fully assembled. The case prevents your shafts or flights from bending and breaking while being transported. This Fit Flight case also has enough room for eight extra tips or shafts and a player card. This case is available in black, green, blue or orange.

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Cosmo Darts Fit Flight S Dart Case

This innovative drop sleeve case has a “push in” system that allows you to easily insert a flight into the shaft. The case is specifically designed for standard flights and pre-molded flight systems, such as Fit Flights, to retain 90 degree angles. Most dart cases are made with many small parts to hold darts securely in place, which also makes them more susceptible to falling out. The Fit Flight S dart case has an innovation installation system that holds the darts securely in place and prevents them from falling out.

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Perfectdarts Harrow Z800 Dart Case

The Harrows Z800 is a wallet-sized dart case that has been specifically designed to hold six fully assembled darts. This dart case is durable enough to protect the darts and prevent them from getting damaged while not in use. The case features two full width pockets and a large rear storage compartment to fit extra dart accessories.

For your carrying convenience, the Harrows Z800 has a belt loop attachment and carabiner clip. The case is also available in a wide range of colors.

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Final Thoughts

Before investing in a dart case, be sure to assess the number of darts and equipment you want to fit in a case, and whether or not you want to house your darts assembled. Research various dart cases to find one that fits your needs. Overall, it’s important to find a dart case that’s durable enough to keep your darts safe and undamaged.

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