The Best Camping Light Buying Guide

You really are missing out on the full spectrum of what nature offers if you haven’t been camping.

There is so much to do and see that your summer weekend could easily turn into a wonder-filled week or even two or three.

Your Every Camping Need Satisfied

With the camping equipment available today, there is really no excuse not to have a wonderful experience “roughing it.” In fact, as we progress into the 21st century, more and more people are flocking to the outdoors to find peace and quiet. They research and choose a suitable camping destination, being fully aware that no destination will have everything they need or want.

Careful planning is required, and with the tremendous variety of camping equipment available, you can be comfortable, safe and happy.

Check, Check, Check. . .

Check the prevailing weather conditions of the destination you’re headed to, check your tent or caravan, test your gas stove and gas bottles and have them checked by an expert, check your emergency kit, check your sleeping equipment, and look out for the best camping light.

Good lighting will ensure that you don’t go tripping over things in the dark, breaking a leg or your neck, and having to call off the entire adventure. Yes, headlamps are important, as well, for personal spotlighting around camp, but you need good camp lanterns that provide a 360º central lighting source and which can illuminate a good part of your camp spot.

Here, we look at some of the best camping lights available to ensure your outdoor adventure is fun, safe and carefree.

1. Ivation Solar LED

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This rechargeable LED lantern with its built-in hanging handle, has a useful feature. It can collapse into a compact circle that makes it useful for not taking up a lot of space when packing. The light has 3 settings – high and low, as well as having an SOS blinking feature. When charged, it offers 12 hours of continuous light. Very useful is the fact that it can be charged by a USB cord but also with a solar panel.

The light can also use batteries and comes with a built in rechargeable lithium battery. An exceptional feature on this lantern is that it is rainproof, so no need to bring it inside during a storm. With short-circuit protection built in, the lantern is safe, too, and won’t overheat. Another useful feature with this all-purpose light is that is has a power bank so you can charge other electronics from it.

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2. NEBO WeatherRite

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This eco lantern comes with 24 bright LEDs that provide energy-saving, bright-white illumination.The light has a rechargeable battery and you can charge this in several ways – AC and DC power and solar power. This portable lantern is reliable and uses a 6V 2.5AH valve regulated battery, which is rechargeable,to provide illumination. There is also a LED indicator light.

You will notice that the red light will go to green once fully charged. Perhaps a disadvantage with this lantern is the built-in battery as opposed to a replaceable one. If the battery fails, instead of replacing it, you would have to replace the lantern.

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3. Black Diamond’s Apollo

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A winning feature with this 200 lumens lantern is that it is collapsible. Apart from its hanging loop, which allows you to hang it anywhere, its foldaway rubber-tipped legs quickly fold out. You can position the light wherever you require the most light. With the dimmer-switch, you can adjust the brightness level to suit you.

It also has a frosted globe to ensure the light doesn’t emit a glaring light. The light requires 4 AA batteries that will give 90 hours of usage, and is compatible with the NRG rechargeable battery system. You can check the status of the battery’s life with the power meter. Durable, practical and versatile, this lantern allows life to go on unhindered in camp.

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4. Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lantern

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With more than 100 years of outdoor products experience behind them, it’s to be expected that Coleman would provide campers with a sturdy, water-resistant lantern. With 5 energy-efficient LED bulbs, the 1000 Lumen CPX6 runs on 4 D-sized batteries, is perfect for camping, for emergencies or even for using at home.

Patented Intematix technology ensures a good light with high, medium, low and strobe settings. On high, you get a beam range of 20m and a run time of 5 hours. Even though the lantern generates a powerful 360º white light, if you want something mellower in your tent, the dimming switch will allow for this.

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5. The Rayovac Lantern

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Made of durable rubber and ABS, the Sportsman 240 Lumen battery-powered lantern provides excellent light for your campsite or for a hike. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Its 4-watt LEDs will never need replacing. The lantern operates off 3 D-cell batteries. With dimensions of 3.4 x 7.3 inches, the lantern doesn’t take up much space. It comes with 3 adjustable settings of high, low and strobe.

If you opt to use the low-level light, you will get 90 hours of light, while the high setting lets it run for 40 hours. It has 2 types of fold-back handles – a larger handler and a smaller hook for hanging in trees or in your tent. A helpful feature is the strobe setting which operates when the lantern is off. In the dark, the lantern blinks every 5 seconds so you can find it easily when everything is pitch dark.

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6. The miniature Dorcy Lantern

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Constructed of ABS plastic, the Dorcy 41-1017 camping light weighs just 3.2 ounces and is loved for its simplicity. It has a durable, plastic handle that has a built-in hanging hook. Available in a variety of colors, the small, battery-powered lantern takes 4 AA-cell batteries and is the most lightweight LED camping light there is. You will get up to 70 hours of light with this lantern.

People who have used it say that it lives up to the saying “dynamite comes in small packages.” Small and rugged, the front part of it is equipped with a dial that turns the light on and off. The Dorcy has four 5-millimeter LEDs emitting light at 360º. These LED bulbs produce 40 lumens of light, which casts light in all directions up to about 15 feet. This handy light measures just 5 x 7’’ and is a wonderful addition at your campsite.

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7. Supernova Lantern

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The Halo rechargeable LED camping and emergency lantern is lightweight and a solid camping companion. It’s a small LED lantern, but powerful. Research reveals that it is some 300% brighter than some of the other top selling lanterns. It provides a good amount of light because of its 180-lumen power output. The lantern comes with 5 settings – low, medium and maximum, as well as 2 pulsing settings – slow and quick flashing.

You will get up to 5 hours of light from the 1800 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery is easily charged and a mini USB charging cable is included. The lantern also has a magnetic base, allowing it to be mounted virtually anywhere. The Supernova is available in 3 attractive colors – forest green, cadmium orange and black ─ and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Final Thoughts


We’ve presented you with 7 popular, well-rated lanterns. The best camp light is lightweight, easy to use, versatile and provides wonderful light around your campsite and inside your tent. They each have their good points with very few aspects not to like.

The 21st century is certainly packed full of choices, and it’s merely a case of comparing and choosing the one that will fit in with your outdoor lifestyle.


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