The Best and Most Durable 3D Deer Targets in the Market

Deer hunting is very popular in the United States and the seasons vary across the country.  The length of the season depends on the health and population of the deer herd and all regions will have long periods out of season.  This means you will need to use a target to keep up with your hunting skills, otherwise by the time the season starts up again, you will be going back to the beginning.

There are many 3D deer targets to choose from, ranging from a partial deer shape to the full animal.  There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best 3D deer target for you, such as:

A 3D Deer target that is sized true to life will give you the ability to shoot at the real deal, with the added bonus of it staying still of course.  This means you can practice your aim and angles, getting them as sharp as you can before going after the live prize.

Ease of Use
Make sure your target allows you to retrieve your arrows well, without damaging them in any way.  You always want one that is easily transportable, if you are planning on practicing in the woods for a more authentic experience.  It should also stay pretty still in all weather conditions, as it is no good if it wobbles about all over the place.

Some targets, paper especially, are not reusable.  A 3D deer target is designed to be used over and over again and so the material should be self-healing, such as foam or rubber.

It is completely up to you how much you want to spend and there are targets to suit all budgets.  So do your homework and make sure you don’t buy cheap if it won’t last, but don’t pay over the odds either.

The Best 3D Deer Targets Review

However you hunt, make sure you practice regularly.  A hunter needs to hone his skills and perfect his aim, as well as getting used to the equipment.  Whilst you can buy many different types of targets, the best one for hunters is a 3D game target.

These types of targets are shaped like the animal you want to hunt and the 3D shape allows you to really get a sense of the angles needed.  Some have the vital organs marked out, known as the kill zone, to help you perfect that vital (and ethical) kill shot.

Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

Rinehart Targets Woodland Buck and Rhino Bag 18"

This excellent 3D deer target is made from top quality self-healing foam, making it extremely durable and easy to use.  It will not damage your arrows in any way and can withstand hard hits from the fastest of bows (anything up to 350fps, which covers 95% of all bows).

It is true to scale, measuring 30†tall and 29†long, and simulates a 100lb deer.  The vitals are marked on the deer and this part of the target is replaceable, so once you have eventually worn it out you can easily replace it and go again.

It is printed on both sides, being truly 3D, so you really can shoot from any angle.  You can shoot both field points and broadheads. This 3D deer target is so realistic, even real deer can be fooled!  So make sure you don’t leave it anywhere they can get to it, otherwise you may find it destroyed as a result of a one-sided rutting battle!

The self-healing foam is also weather resistant, allowing you to practice in even the harshest of conditions.  It will not warp in the blazing hot sun and is resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Having done some homework on the subject, we think the best and most durable 3D deer target in the market right now is the Rinehart Woodland Buck Target.

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Other Rinehart 3D Target Product Review

Rinehart do a range of 3D deer targets, among various other game, and are known for being one of the best in the world.  They even do a range of exotic animals for fun, such as a black cobra or hadrosaur!

Some of their 3D deer targets come with multiple scoring rings and others with replaceable inserts.  There is even one with very realistic anatomical details, so you can really aim for those vital organs.  The target insert can be removed easily and the exclusive Internal Locking Insert Tubes make it easy to fit the new one.

You will not be disappointed with their products and they really are made to last.  Their exclusive self-healing foam allows you to shoot fieldpoints, broadheads or even expandables and stops even the fastest aluminum, carbon or wood arrows.  The foam self-heals within 10 seconds, so you can get back to practicing straight away.

Here’s a list of their other 3D targets:

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Delta – Buck Target Review

Delta McKenzie XL Alert Deer 3D Pro Target

This is one of the most durable 3D deer targets in the market, being tough enough to withstand the hard impact of fast arrows over and over again.  The padding in the vital organs part of the target is self-healing, so after each hit it goes straight back to how it was before.  However over time this will need to be replaced, which can be done very easily.  Arrows should be easy to retrieve but if they are stuck in tight, use a rubber puller to remove it with ease and not cause any damage.

It stands tall and is perfectly weighted, meaning it will not fall over every time it is hit by an arrow.  It is very easy to set up and you can transport it to your preferred practice location with no trouble.  The antlers and legs are removable, making moving it even easier.  It is weather resistant and can be left outside for long periods of time.

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Field Logic Big Buck Shooter Target Review

Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

This fantastic 3D deer target is constructed from self-healing foam and designed to look like a real deer.  It has a 25% larger insert than other 3D deer targets, making it ideal for beginners.  It can be easily replaced when eventually needed, making it a very durable target.

It is not the biggest 3D deer target (its shoulder height is 33â€) but is still more than adequate for honing your skills and perfecting that aim.  It withstands punishment from today’s high speed bows and is solid enough to stand its ground.

It is easy to extract your arrows, using only one hand.  Useful when you have your bow in your other hand.  It also has removable legs, making it easy to transport around.  It is weather resistant, meaning you can use it in blazing sunshine or pouring rain.

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GlenDel Full-Rut Buck Target Review

GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

This is an absolute beauty of a 3d deer target, looking like a majestic buck with fully grown antlers.  If this doesn’t make you want to practice, nothing will!

It is big, simulating a 300lbs live weight deer and standing tall.  The 4 sided core offers 10x more shooting surface than any other 3D deer target and it is extremely tough.  It stops all field tips and broadheads, even when shot from a high speed crossbow.

This is a very sturdy target, so won’t let you down at that vital moment.  You can remove the insert and re-position it, to give you different angle choices (quartering away, quartering towards you, etc.).  The arrows can be retrieved easily and won’t be damaged upon doing so.

This handsome beast looks so much like a real buck, be careful not to leave it out in an area where real ones may come across it.  You don’t want to find it destroyed after being the loser in a one-sided rutting battle!

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Delta McKenzie Hoosier Daddy 3D Deer Target

Delta McKenzie Hoosier Daddy 3D Deer Target Brown

This incredibly lifelike full-size deer is constructed from self-healing foam and the vital kill zone is made from E-Z Flex foam.  This makes it one of the most durable 3D deer targets in the market right now.

This majestic looking target is made 100% in the USA and the deer has an aggressive looking expression, giving it a really menacing expression.  The kill zone is marked clearly for you to aim at, being a different colour than the rest of the target.  It can be used with broadheads, expandables and field tips and won’t damage them upon retrieval.

For even greater stability, insert small poles into the legs for an even sturdier product.

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Whichever 3D deer target you go for, make sure you get plenty of practice and have fun.  Once you go for the real thing, be sure to keep a steady hand and don’t let that adrenalin get in the way of your now perfect shot!

Hunting is a really great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature in the most primitive of ways.  What could be better than just you, your bow and arrows and the woods?  The fresh air you breathe in, the sounds of the wild and the twigs cracking underfoot as you track an animal.  The end prize and the feeling of satisfaction when you get it.  Makes you want to get out there right now, right?


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