The Best 7 in 1 Survival Whistle in the Market

A loud, penetrating whistle can be extremely useful to you if you want to alert someone far away.

Whistling doesn’t come naturally to people – it’s a learned skill. In fact, it is interesting to note that there are people in Northern Turkey who whistle as a means of communicating with each other. Then again,some people never master the art of whistling through their lips or with their fingers. The only way they have ever uttered a whistling sound is with the help of a toy whistle.

An emergency whistle is more than a toy – it’s a survival gadget that could save your life in a survival situation. While the 7 in 1 survival whistle is the ultimate whistle to have with you on your outdoor adventures, other 3 or 5-in-1 whistles, as well as straightforward whistles,are also highly effective.

Emergency Whistles – a Lifeline of Hope

In an emergency or traumatic event, there are people, who in a state of shock, lose their voice. Emotional and psychological reasons can cause survivors of any catastrophic event to lose their words, even when the voice box shows no physical impairment. If you’ve lost your voice or it is not strong enough to shout out, an emergency whistle can be a lifeline when you cannot move or shout.

With an emergency whistle, you can save the situation by blowing on your whistle, which can be heard from long distances. A rescue team can follow the sound and find you on time.

With an earthquake or tornado, when you’re trapped under rubble, the humble emergency whistle can be looked upon with new wonder. Let’s have a look at some of these amazing survival whistles, which is once emergency gadget you should always have on you, around your neck or in your pocket.

1. Anpow Emergency Whistle

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This 7 in 1 survival whistle is a must-have for your hiking or camping trip or for when you find yourself in a fight-for-your-life situation. A useful feature with this emergency whistle is that there is a storage facility. You can write down your name and contact numbers and place them in the whistle storage.

This 7-in-1 whistle with large button cell CR1220 batteries has some essential items for your survival. These include a compass, LED flashlight, magnifying lens, storage compartment, signal mirror, Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometer and lanyard.

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2. Binboll Stainless Steel Whistle

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Ideal for all your outdoor needs, the Binboll whistle, measuring about 57×19×9mm has been made with durable, food-grade stainless steel. The water resistant whistle can be hauled out and used in bad weather, as well. It can always be accessible as it attaches to your key ring, belt or on your backpack.

The double-tubes design ensures a shrill whistle up to 150db. This is a life-saving whistle that you should always have close to you, whether in the city or in the wilderness.

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3. Cevinee Loud Version

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This pocket size survival whistle is a good looking emergency tool to have with you on all your outdoor gallivants. The whistle is made of high brass and is attractively shiny with an anti-oxidation coating. It comes with a key chain so you can attach it to your belt and have it close-by.

The brass whistle is 1.64 inches in length and weighs just 0.9 ounces. With its quick airflow design, it is easy to get a good, strong sound from it, and it’s why it is even used by lifeguards to attract attention that swimmers are in danger in the sea.

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4. SE CCH 5-in-1 Whistle

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Genuine SE products always have their SE logo on the packaging. This SE orange, plastic-body whistle is ideal for all your outdoor activities as it comes with all those essential survival tools that can be looked upon as lifesaving in an emergency. It’s an ideal survival tool to attach to your backpack or even hang around your neck.

The whistle comes equipped with a lanyard. It is water resistant and comes with a storage container where you can store your name and important telephone numbers. There is also a signalling mirror, liquid compass and fire starter flint, which forms part of this safety whistle’s package.

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5. Finlon 7-in-1 Multifunctional Survival Whistle

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The thought of seeing your rescuers in the distance, and not being able to scream out to them for their attention, is too terrible for words. If you have a good emergency whistle, there’s always that hope for a rescue. This ABS material, military, camping survival whistle can ensure this terrifying situation doesn’t occur.

It’s available in a tough, army green color and measures 3.8’’ x 1.2’’. It weighs just 42g. It is not just a whistle but comes with a thermometer, compass, magnifier, mirror, storage capsule and flashlight – the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities.

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6. All Weather Safety Whistle

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This amazing, survival crime whistle is extremely loud. A unique feature with this whistle is that with its patented design, it can be heard up to 50 fee under water. The whistle has a unique sounding chamber that forces out water when the whistle is blown.

Some people who have used this whistle, which measures 5.2 x 2.6 x 0.1 inches, say that it is the loudest whistle on the market. This whistle is made in the USA and outdoor enthusiasts and lifeguards seek after it. It provides a clear, high frequency sound and its power rating is described at more than 75% greater than other safety whistles.

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7. Acme Tornado Black

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This Tornado 635 Pealess survival whistle is described as the world’s most powerful whistle. It is used in FIFA Internationals, for instance, where in a big stadium with shouting and cheering, it can still be clearly heard. It is easily heard as it has 2 high pitch frequencies – for loudness and for all round sound.

This whistle is made from high-tech plastic and it’s dimensions are 1.2 x 3 x 4.6 inches. In spite of its small size, it can give a high-pitched, high volume sound that will cut through the noisiest places and draw attention to where it’s needed.

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Final Thoughts


You may get exasperated packing survival gear for your adventurous lifestyle. You may decide to do without some in favor of others. An emergency or survival whistle is one of your absolute must-haves. It is so little that it can go around your neck or in your pocket. Without a survival whistle, you’re asking for trouble and you can go crazy when rescue arrives and leaves because your cries for help are unheard.

We have given you 7 well-rated survival whistles that can be seen as life-saving tools. Each comes with lots of pros and few cons, if any. Research them and buy one – your next adventure trip will be even more carefree knowing you have one as your constant source of help.


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