The Best 12 Broadhead Reviews 2016/17

Any game hunter knows that choosing the right arrow head is essential.  You must be sure that it is the correct style to kill the game being hunted in the most efficient way.  For larger game, broadheads are the best arrow heads available.  They are varied in type, including fixed blades, removable blades and mechanical blades, and must be matched correctly to the bow.  They deliver a low-energy impact and are therefore extremely sharp.  They are designed to pass straight through the animal, cutting through vital blood vessels to deliver a quick kill.

Broadheads can be used with both crossbows and regular bows and you should think about accuracy, penetration and how much blood loss will occur. The product review section below will help you find the best broadhead in 2016.

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12 best broadhead reviews of 2016/17

2016/17 Best Broadhead Comparison Table

PictureModelTypeNo. of BladesFeaturesPrice
Swacker CrossbowMechanical2
  • Remain razor sharp
  • Fast opening
  • Flying Arrow Archery C3100-CB CycloneFixed3
  • Spiral design
  • Bone crushing tip
  • Excalibur BoltcutterFixed3
  • High-strength
  • 150 grain
  • Design for crossbow
  • G 5 Outdoors T3Mechanical3
  • 1 1/2" cutting diameter
  • New Archery Products SpitfireMechanical3
  • Patented micro-grooves
  • 1 1/4" cutting diameter
  • Muzzy PhantomFixed4
  • Design for high-speed bows
  • Rage HypodermicMechanical2
  • Shock Collar Technology
  • 2" cutting diameter
  • Grim Reaper Razor Tip WhitetailMechanical3
  • Mini-tip blade
  • Design for higher KE Bows
  • Good for large game
  • Innerloc Deep SliceFixed3
  • Ability to fine tune
  • Slick Trick NukeMechanical2
  • 1.8" cut
  • Rage 2 Blade SlipcamMechanical2
  • ShockLock system
  • 1 1/2" cutting diameter
  • Rage X-treme 2 BladeMechanical2
  • 2.3" Cutting diameter
  • Shock Collar Technology
  • Designed for 60 lb +
  • Swacker Crossbow Review

    These broadheads have 2 sets of blades, each designed to do a different job.  The first set, known as wing blades, are designed to cut the hide and first set of ribs.  They are smaller than the main blades and deliver a low-energy impact.  The second set, main blades, do not touch anything on initial impact.  As they enter the cavitiy, they are still razor sharp and therefore in the best condition to cut the internal organs.  These are designed to be used with regular crossbows.  They deliver a strong blow and a quick, efficient kill.  They are mechanical broadheads with a 1 ¾ inch diameter.  They deliver an accurate flight path and have a very solid design.

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    Flying Arrow Archery C3100-CB Cyclone Review

    Designed to be used with a crossbow, these have incredible penetration and feature a specially designed ferrule shaped to fit today’s larger diameter crossbow bolts on the market.  They feature a huge bone crushing chisel tip and follow a spiral wound channel.  The blades are interchangeable and can be used with a compound bow.  They have 3 blades and are interchangeable with the Toxic, another of the Flying Arrow broadheads.  These are particularly popular with female hunters, as they are designed for lower poundage bows.  They are fixed blade broadheads with a 1 inch diameter.

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    Excalibur Boltcutter Review

    These are fixed blade broadheads with a diameter of 1-1/16 inches and deliver a deadly blow.  They are made from top quality, durable materials, giving a long lasting product.  They are designed to deliver incredible accuracy, even at long range, when placed on the appropriately designed arrow.  This high strength stainless steel broadhead will withstand even the hardest of hits.  The blades are replaceable and the higher the combined weight of the crossbow and arrows, the more accurate the shot.  They fly in the same way as an Excalibur field point and are well constructed.

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    G 5 Outdoors T3 Review

    These are mechanical broadheads from a reputable brand, with a diameter of 1 ½ inches designed to deliver shattering results.  They offer a penetration designed to kill quickly and efficiently, for the most humane kill possible.  They can be used with both compound and crossbows.  They can be used with either standard or heavy retention clips when shooting with a compound bow, and heavy clips only when used with a crossbow.  They are manufactured from 100% steel and have replaceable blades.  These sport no blade pre-deployment, rubber bands or O-rings.

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    New Archery Products Spitfire Review

    These are mechanical broadheads with a chisel tip, from a very reputable brand.  They fly straight, offering the hunter the highest amount of accuracy, and have razor sharp Diamize blades.  They also come with practice blades, which fly exactly like field points.  They are very durable and are manufactured from high carbon steel.  The slimline ferrule improves flight and penetration and features patented micro-grooves designed to enhance penetration and accuracy.  The snap-locking blade system means that the blades are closed during flight.  These broadheads cause a good deal of blood trail, making it easy to follow your prey (if it is still standing).

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    Muzzy Phantom Review

    These are fixed blade broadheads designed to be used with high-speed hunting crossbows.  They are a compact steel design, featuring 4 razor sharp blades for maximum damage.  Muzzy is an industry leader in broadheads and many game hunters swear by their high quality and reliable products.  These broadheads can also be used with high-speed compound bows.  They shoot accurately with no variation in flight and are very simple to install and remove.  These broadheads are well known for the huge blood trails left from the animal, making it easier for the hunter to follow them if required.

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    Rage Hypodermic Review

    These are mechanical broadheads made from stainless steel.  They are an aerodynamic, compact design, which is tough and durable.  They have an exclusive hybrid tip, providing excellent accuracy, and offer more penetration than any other Rage broadhead yet.  There is an aerodynamic one-piece solid steel ferrule and a shock collar to ensure blade retention.  There are also practice heads available, allowing hunters to keep their broadheads in top condition for killing.  These cause huge entry and exit wounds, leading to a massive bloodtrail.  These are a good broadhead for serious game hunters.

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    Grim Reaper Razor Tip Whitetail Review

    These are mechanical broadheads with a 2 inch diameter, which is larger than your average broadhead.  Hunters should check regional regulations carefully before using larger arrowheads, to ensure they do not break any laws.  They are designed to be used for whitetail size game and turkey and leave huge holes, leading to massive blood loss.  They are designed to be shot in the closed position, opening upon impact and tearing through vital tissue.  They perform with field point accuracy and speed and as their name suggests, they are truly devastating.

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    Innerloc Deep Slice Review

    These broadheads from Sullivan Industries Inc. have patented matching tapers at the front of the base and inside the body.  These join for a precise fit and alignment.  The tip passes through the body of the broadhead, securing the blades and threading into the front of the base.  You can therefore align the blade assembly before tightening the tip.  The ability to tune the blade alignment is beneficial to shooting and there should be no wobble when spin testing.  It is this patented Blade Alignment Technology that really sets these broadheads apart.

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    Slick Trick Nuke Review

    These are mechanical broadheads with a 1.8 inch diameter, which leaves large entry and exit wounds.  This is the first mechanical broadhead from Slick Trick and has a patented revolutionary head with field point flight.  The EZ open blades fly with a 1.3 inch diameter, opening out to 1.8 inches upon impact.  If the blades get bumped they spring back to flight position, which gives fantastic dependability.  The blades are set back on the head and are rear opening in order to eliminate deflection concerns.  The size of the wounds allow for better blood trails and quick, efficient kills.

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    Rage 2 Blade Slipcam Expandable Broadheads Review

    These broadheads have a large cutting diameter of 2 inches, meaning the hunter should check state regulations before using them.  They fly with the same accuracy as a field point and create very large entry and exit wounds.  This leads to a massive blood trail, should the animal still be moving of course.  The blades are at full width before they enter the animal, due to the rear deployment used.  This is designed for no energy loss on impact.  The hunter does not need to use rubber bands to hold these blades in place, due to the ShockLock system.

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    Rage X-treme 2 Blade Review

    These mechanical broadheads are extremely accurate and their wound channels come with a legendary reputation.  Their advanced sweeping blade angle holds onto the kinetic energy for longer and they have an enormous cutting diameter of 2.3 inches.  Penetration is up to 8 inches.  The thick bloodtrail is massive, with huge entry and exit wounds, and they feature improved Shock Collar Technology to ensure correct blade retention, solving the problem with the rubber o-rings.  There are practice heads available, to keep your blades in top condition.  They were designed to be used with bow draw weights in excess of 60lbs.

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    In summary, there are plenty of broadheads available in 2016 and the majority of them are good quality.  Fixed blades tend to be the better choice for elk hunting, with mechanical blades being better for deer hunting.  Whichever broadhead you choose, make sure you think carefully about the tip.  Both chisel tips and cut-on-contact tips are available and it is important to choose the right one for your needs.  If something does go wrong and the blades don’t deploy, cut-on-contact tips may be better as they should still cut through the vitals.

    No matter which broadhead you choose, or indeed which bow and arrows, you will still need to practice your hunting skills.  The best hunters not only use great equipment, they also have incredible skills and knowledge of their own.

    An important point to remember, is to never use broadheads that weigh less than your crossbow manufacturer recommends.  This could seriously damage your crossbow and you could sustain injuries.  Above all, always hunt safely and be sure to enjoy your experience. If you find any good quality broadheads and think they should be added to the Broadhead Reviews 2016 List, leave a comment below!

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