The Beginner Tips for Throwing Darts

The art of dart throwing is more than meets the eye. It requires knowledge, skill, dexterity and commitment to master the art. However, as a beginner, it’s important to begin with the basics to ensure that you start off on the right foot.

This article will outline the helpful techniques for beginner dart throwers and other tips for throwing darts.


As a beginner, it’s important to start with a solid foundation, and in the case of dart throwing, your foundation will be your stance. Mastering your stance will ensure that you have the right foundation to become a better dart thrower. Make sure that your upper and lower body are fixed. It’s important that you do not swing your body when you throw darts because this will throw off your balance and accuracy. Keep your legs and feet stable, but also relaxed. Keep your shoulders straight.

One of the best positions to throw darts is with your body perpendicular to the dartboard to help prevent movement in your elbows. Your dominant foot should be the foot that is closest to the dartboard. Your dominant foot correlates to arm you’ll use for throwing; for example, if you’re right-hand dominant, then your right foot should be closer to the dart board.

Be sure that you do not lift the back of your feet from the floor, and that you do not lean over the line because it will throw off your balance. To ensure that you have a correct stance with proper balance, practice throwing darts with your eyes closed to see how your body moves with your standing position.


Once you have a solid stance, it’s time to grab the dart you intend to throw and grip it properly in your dominant hand. When holding the dart, make sure that it’s pointing towards the board. You finger grip should be solid and relaxed, but tight enough that it won’t slide from your hand easily. Gripping the dart tightly will make your fingers turn white. Your finger pressure on the dart should be similar to your grip on a pencil.

To hold the dart, use only two fingers and your thumb. Holding the dart with more fingers will make the release more difficult. Make sure to spread your loose fingers to ensure they do not get caught in the flight. Having your fingers out of the way will also make for a more successful release. As a beginner, you will need to practice your dart grip to find the sweet spot where it feels comfortable and natural.


The next factor to consider is aim. It’s important to focus on aiming the darts to hit targets more effectively. To help improve your aim, trying finding a sight line along your throwing hand to help line up your shot. You can find a sight line along your thumb knuckles, your pinky finger, or the top of the dart. To aim more effectively, make sure you use your dominant eye when finding your sight line. To figure out which is your dominant eye, take turns throwing three darts with one eye closed at a time. Your dominant eye will be the one that you struggle to keep closed while throwing the dart. Leading with your dominant eye will help improve your aim.

Always remember to aim for the middle of your target. Do not overcompensate for previous throws. If for one throw you missed to the left, do not aim farther right from the target to compensate for the last missed throw.


When it comes to finally throwing the dart, ensure you have a steady arm, and keep in mind that your throwing power comes from fingers, wrist and forearm. Your fingers, thumb and dart should point towards the dartboard prior to release. Your elbow should point up slightly, and directly towards the board to help stabilize your arm. Your throwing motion should lead with your elbow. Think of your arm as a lever with your elbow and wrist as the pivot. Pull your forearm back towards your body, then as you start to accelerate your forearm forward, your elbow should move up slightly when you release.

When it comes time to release, ensure that you take your fingers and thumb off the dart at the same time. Releasing your thumb first will cause the dart to spin. Do not put any spin on the dart when throwing it, or else your aim will be off.

Additionally, make sure the dart is pointed slightly upward when throwing. The tip should be pointed up slightly because darts move along a parabolic curve when thrown; they accelerate, rise and dip along a curve. To improve your accuracy, slightly flick your wrist before you release the dart. Flicking your wrist makes the dart move on its parabolic curve more naturally. After throwing, make sure to follow through. Do not relax your arm immediately, but instead continue moving it, and stop where you aimed the shot. And with the flick of your wrist your dart should have successfully hit your target.

Other Dart Throwing Tips

Like with any physical activity, it important to stretch before playing to loosen up your muscles. Also, be sure to find a breathing technique which will help you focus, clear your thoughts, and keep an upright posture. When throwing darts, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and be persistent (even on days when you’re not throwing your best).

To help improve your throwing, it’s a good idea to video tape yourself for detection and correction of your stance and movement while throwing. To find out whether you are throwing the dart too hard, check how far the dart is entering the board. If your dart panel is touching the board, then your throw is too hard. And, as your last piece of advice, never rush to take a shot. With each shot, you should take your time and throw each dart with your undivided attention and effort.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep these techniques and tips for throwing darts in mind to become a better dart thrower. Practice consistently, and repeat proper throwing techniques. It may take time to master the art of dart throwing, but with perseverance you can learn how to throw like a pro.


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