The 7 Best Survival Water Filter Review

Where there is water, there is life. Small wonder then that people the world over are fighting to preserve this most precious of natural resources. Without clean, fresh water, the planet is doomed.

The earth’s surface is covered with undrinkable salt water, and the rest is found in lakes, rivers and streams. This water is largely contaminated with chemicals and micro-organisms. If you’re in the wilderness, you’d have to weigh your options carefully as drinking water like this could make you ill.

You can Directly from the Water Source

For scenarios like this, there are a number of very effective, lightweight, portable survival water filters to look at which can save your life. Some of the straw-like type filters have a built-in element that allow you to drink directly from the source.  Most filters have an internal cartridge that has microscopic pores that catch debris and bacteria. Over time, they will need to be replaced.

Some features to look for in a survival filter include, among others:

  • lightweight, compact and portable
  • filters which are cable of filtering out the smallest contaminants
  • durable
  • meets water filtration standards set by the EPA

Yes, there may be water to be found everywhere, but it may not be drinkable Synthetic solvents, pesticides and plastic residues are also found in the water we drink, and fluoride, chlorine and chloramine are added to our water to make it “safe” to drink.

Whether you find yourself in a city emergency scenario, or you’re lost in the wilderness, without clean water, you quickly start to see the signs of illness and dehydration. The need for water is greater in hot climates when the body loses water quickly through perspiration.

There are many of these water filters on the market – some wonderfully affordable and simplistic while others are more sophisticated and costly. Each one comes with their own set of pros and cons.

Here, we look at different survival water filters:

Life Defender

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A BPA-Free Filter

Great for hiking and camping. Ideally lightweight, weighing in at a mere 2oz and removes all heavy metals and waterborne bacteria. Pocket-sized, the filter outperforms other leading brands. It is BPA free. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical added to many food containers and hygiene products. With Life Defender, you can drink up to396 gallons of pure water directly from rivers and lakes as it removes 99.9% all waterborne bacteria while not adding any taste to the filtered water.

Attachable Carrying Strap

The water filter’s coconut-activated carbon filter reduces chlorine and heavy metal and this nifty little filter comes complete with a carrying strap, making it easy to attach to any belt or bag you have with you.

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High-Volume Gravity-Fed

This gravity-fed, hollow membrane water purifier removes virtually all bacteria, viruses and protozoa up to 99.999%. The purifier comes with a compact, roll-bag reservoir which is available as a 1.3 or 3.1 gallon option. Campers and hikers appreciate that this survival water purifier doesn’t require any batteries or chemicals. Its filtration capacity is 4,755 gallons.

EPA Guidelines-Compliant

People appreciate that LifeStraw is a trusted name and that their products comply with the strict standards for water filtration, as well as EPA guidelines for the removal of the likes of E. coli, salmonella and cryptosporidium oocysts. After each drinking bout, clean the purifier by using the red backwash bulb.

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Survivor Filter – Reusable

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A Replaceable Carbon Filter

Lightweight and durable, the Survivor Filter is free of BPA. The filter has an inlet on the bottom so you can screw it into a Canteen and squeeze water through at a flow rate of 14 ounces per minute.

It comes with 3 Removable Internal Filter Stages.It has a cleanable UF membrane filter which can remove bacteria, protozoa, giardia and staph, as well as odors and heavy metals from water.

Cotton Pre-Filters

Its carbon and cotton filters can be replaced every 264 gallons and the filter comes with 5 extra cotton filters. The cotton pre-filter keeps large particles from clogging up the filters in the wilderness. It comes with 3 removable internal filters.

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Survivor Filter

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A Watertight Mouthpiece

This is one of those superbly uncomplicated, yet sturdy water filters. The integrated carbon filter mouthpiece with filter tip included can be re- used up to 264 gallons and can be replaced. The mouthpiece attaches with a simple push and twist method, and this keeps it secured onto the body. The Carbon filter has an “O” ring where it connects to the filter body to ensure it is watertight.

Attachable Sturdy Loop

Coming with a sturdy loop for attaching to your backpack, you can help yourself to pleasant-tasting water as the filter absorbs heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

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Katadyn Hiker Microfilter

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Anti Clog Microfilter Element

Hikers particularly love the simplicity in design of the Katadyn Hiker where water is drawn through the intake tube as you pump the handle at the top. The water goes through activated carbon granules to remove larger particles and to also remove odors, chemicals and pesticides. The water is then pushed through the Anti Clog pleated cartridge to remove microbes.

Handy Accessories Included

The best part is that the cartridge never needs to be cleaned. An EasyFill bottle adapter is included in the kit which will fit onto most water bottles and bladders. A handy carrying case is included with the 2 pound filter, plus a bottle adapter, intake and output hoses, as well as a small lubricant bottle. A drawcard with this filter is that it can provide the most water with just one pumping action, making it one of the faster water filters to collect water.

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Mountop UV Purification

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Bacteria Rendered Sterile

Ideal for when water is questionable, this versatile water purifier makes use of UV technology to eliminate 99.9% of microbiological contaminants. Even viruses like the hepatitis virus can be relatively easily eliminated through UV treatment. Harmful microbes and bacteria present in dirty water are rendered sterile by the exposure to the germicidal radiation. The Mountop kills 99% of microbes, all with UV light. The water is taste and odor free.

Useful Survival Accessories

Coming with a 1 year warranty, this filter comes with a SOS and emergency flashlight and its easy-to-read LCD display ensures water treatment is always easy.

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Triton Filter System

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Virus Free Water for 7 Days

Great filter system for emergency needs or for camping. The system is based on technology developed for the U.S. Military. Purifies enough drinking water for up to 7 days. It is an EPA Grade Purification system and handles all kinds of infectious microbes, more than 99.99% of viruses, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and unpleasant tastes. The filter will safeguard you from waterborne contaminants and disease in most emergency situations.

No Pumping Needed

People appreciate there being no need to pump, and that all that is required is to fill it, hang it and allow gravity to do the work. The system is able to purify water from lakes and rivers, as well as water from household reservoirs. Small and compact, the unit can be carried in your emergency pack.

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Final Thoughts


The portable survival water filters suggested here have their own strengths and weaknesses. Water is life, and each person will need to do research to find the filter that meets the criteria they regard as critical. Theseare the ability to eliminate all water contaminants, robustness, simplicity of design,portability, knowing if the filter is easy to clean or replace, and knowing how much clean water the filter produces based on your needs.

The right water filter can give you a wonderful feeling of relief to ensure carefree future adventures into the wilderness.


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