The 7 Best Survival Shovel Review

A day like any other can end very differently, and leave you with your life hanging by a thread. Many people turn to natural settings to retreat to when stressed. Being out in nature can be restorative and rejuvenating. Before leaving the city, however, caution is an important aspect of emergency preparedness. Conditions that are easily taken care of in urban settings can be lethal when in the outdoors.

An adventure into the great outdoors poses challenges, no matter the time of year or location. Survival experts will tell you that assembling an emergency kit of equipment is imperative. Apart from the likes of fire starters, a robust knife, water bottle and space blanket, a survival shovel is a useful additional, and can be of particular use for avalanche rescue or for digging around earthquake sites.

For starters, most of these shovels have other useful characteristics to their name, and they aren’t just shovels, but are designed for other jobs, as well.  Do your research because you’ll find shovels that double up as a weapon, a flashlight, a saw or a fire starter. Survival shovels are particularly designed to be light, but sturdy, and compact enough to fit into your backpack.

Let’s have a look at some of the best survival shovels to give you an idea of what’s out there:

Five Joy Shovel Review

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All-in-One Tool Set

Weighing 3 pounds, this shovel with a slip-proof handle breaks down into several tools which is useful because it means not having to pack other additional tools – they’re already here in this shovel. You’ll have a hammer, axe blade, serrated saw edge, bottle opener, fire starter, paracord and even a ruler and emergency whistle. Made from heat-treated quality carbon steel and Aerospace grade aluminum,you get 2 options, as well: the compact military folding shovel or the larger heavy duty version.

Lifetime Durability Metals

Metals used come with a lifetime durability and are rust, fracture and water resistant. The shovel comes with a unique screw locking mechanism so that it can function in alternate positions.Certainly,It’s a worthwhile investment.

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Cold Steel Shovel Review

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Heat Treated for Super Strength

With a head and socket forged from medium carbon steel, this lightweight, robust shovel is worth some consideration. With a handle made from sturdy hardwood, this is a real, no-frills, what you see is what you get type of shovel. Modeled after the original Soviet Spetznaz shovel, the tool has also been heat treated for super strength, with sharp edges.

Includes Sheath

Its Cor-Ex sheath features an extra wide belt loop. Weighing 26.6 oz. and with an overall length of 19.68″, this exceptionally well-made, robust shovel is a worthy addition to your backpack as you head into the wilderness, or if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

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Gerber E-Tool Review

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Twist-Lock Mechanism Keeps Shovel Open

Measuring 23.75’’ when extended and 9.25’’ when folded, this folding spade is lightweight, weighing in at 2 lbs. 5.3 oz. The shovel is strong and is an ideal accessory to have with you on camping trips or when caught in an emergency situation.

With its glass-filled nylon handle and aluminum shaft, there is a twist-lock mechanism which keeps the spade open when in use.

Serrated Edge Head

The shovel’s carbon steel head has a serrated edge on one side so you can cut easily through roots when trenching. This shovel comes with a lifetime-warranty.

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Pagreberya Shovel Kit Review

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Multiple Usage Shovel

This multi-tool, heavy duty shovel is capable of many things like being able to be used as an axe or a hammer. The base of the knife is cut into a bottle opener, while the top can be used to open cans. In an emergency situation, there is also a loud, piercing metal whistle. The shovel has been well designed and is strong, measuring nearly 26″.

Robust Aviation Aluminum

Built of high carbon steel and aviation aluminum alloy, the shovel is lightweight and comes in 5 pieces: magnesium flint rod with compass, screwdriver, glass breaker, multi functional saw knife and a shaft with shovel head.

The shovel comes with an attractive carrying pouch. The angle of the spade is also adjustable. The handle of this shovel is made up of 3 parts, all connected to the other by screw threads.

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Survival H Shovel Review

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Compact, Fold-Down

With a lifetime warranty, this shovel is a superb choice for your hiking and camping trips. It is able to fold down to a mere 8.6’’and comes with its own carry case. The shovel has a tough, steel handle designed to last while manganese steel has been used for the head.

Multi-Purpose Shovel

This is a multi-purpose shovel that can be folded and be used as a saw or as a fire starter for emergencies. Speaking of emergencies, you can’t be dealing with cumbersome tools, and this shovel fits easily into your backpack and only weighs 2 pounds. It’s an excellent shovel that is compact and lightweight for any outdoor trips you have in mind.

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US GI Military Shovel Review

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Extends from 9” to 24’’ as Required

Weighing just 3 pounds, this black powder-coat finish shovel is made for the U.S. Military with superior materials. The shovel can be used as a saw or an axe and can fold to 9” and then extend to 24” when needed. Its tri-fold design allows it to easily be managed and set up. This is a heavy-duty shovel which can be used for building a survival shelter or to dig yourself out of an avalanche situation.

A Serrated Edge Chops Through Roots

The shovel includes serration on the blade edges, and is useful for when digging and particularly when needed to chop up roots. The space can be locked into a 90º configuration, enabling you to use it as a pick or a hoe.

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Smittybilt Tri-Fold Shovel Review

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Heat Treated for High Strength

Weighing just 2.6 pounds, this compact shovel with its fiber reinforced nylon handle is an ideal choice for camping or hiking. Smittybilt first started out in 1956 and they manufacture quality parts and are committed to creating innovative products that enhance every outdoor experience.

One of these products is their useful folding shovel. Its carbon steel blade comes with a serrated edge which has been heat treated for highstrength.

A Handy Storage Bag Included

This robust shovel is a military-style shovel which comes with its own storage bag. The black, powder coated body is 26’’ when open and folds down to 9’’ when closed. This shovel can be trusted to get the toughest jobs done.

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Final Thoughts

A survival shovel can be used in an emergency situation to dig a make-shift pit-toilet, to dig a hole for a tent pole, or dig away snow. With a regular shovel, you’re limited to just digging, but shovels designed for survival scenarios come with a host of features which can save you. Each of the shovels has its pros and cons, and each person hunts for specific features that somebody else might not look upon as important. Certainly, portability, durability and versatility are important features. A robust, stainless steel with high carbon shovel with anti-rust properties is a good choice so that it can be relied on to dig you out of a tricky situation when the clock is ticking against you.


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