Review of Perfect Point Throwing Knives

Whether you’re planning to take up knife-throwing or simply curious about the sport, you should seriously consider purchasing a set of Perfect Point knives. For a budget price, these knives have all the qualities you would expect at the entry level, allowing you to get your feet wet without making a huge investment.
Perfect Point knives are milled stainless steel (i.e. one piece of metal) and manufactured in China which makes them very affordable. The steel of the blade can be coated in black, titanium, rainbow titanium, or not have a coating at all. They are usually sold as a set of three knives with a nylon sheath and you can find them easily on Amazon.

Good and Bad on Perfect Point Throwing Knife

If you buy a perfect point knife, you will be happy with the price but you may find it a bit disappointing with the quality. But don’t get me wrong, these knives are still great for entry level throwers.
While throwers praise the excellent balance, they frequently cite the light weight and lack of durability as problem factors in Perfect Point Knives. That is, the coating wears off, the blade bends or crack. You may also find that the black-coated knives are difficult to be spotted on the ground. You may find that the tip is not very sharp but in fact, it’s best for a beginner to use a duller blade to prevent injury.
On the other hand, some reviews say that the knives won’t stick or they break easily, but many of these reviewers are beginners so some of these problems are actually the result of inexperience on the part of the thrower. For instance, these knives must be thrown at soft surfaces, not hard surfaces such as plywood or particle board. Also, some wear and tear is normal (in fact a bit of wear can give the knife “character”) and any throwing knife has to be cleaned and maintained repeatedly after use.
Overall, these knives need a lot of improvement. However we do recommend some of them because the prices are very attractive. Let’s look at a few of the knives Perfect Point offers.

Perfect Point PP-030-3BK

These knives come in a 3-piece set. Each knife is 9” long and made of two tone (titanium/black) stainless steel. A nylon sheath is included.
This is a great starter set: medium weight, good length, easy to throw, and a sharp point that sticks easily. The downside is that unlike other Perfect Point knives, they’re weighted more towards the handle and this slight unbalance may pose some challenges to beginners.
The good thing is that the knife is made of a softer metal. So instead of breaking or snapping in half, it bends. This is exactly what a throwing knife should be. You can easily fix it with a hammer in just a few seconds and it will be good to go again.

Perfect Point RC-040-6

Another good starter set, these knives come in a 6-piece set. Each knife is 6.5” long and made of black-coated stainless steel. The handle is wrapped in green cord. A nylon sheath that wraps around the left leg is included. These knives are a bit too short for my liking but the average price is a few bucks per knife which is a real bargain.
Beware that these knives are quite short so they only work best in short distance. You should only buy such small, lightweight knives if you know how to treat them gently. They are not made of high quality steel. Make sure that you practice them on softer wood so that they don’t break that easily. There are a few other problems with this knife set. For example the green cord has a tendency to come unwrapped. Also, the nylon sheath closes with Velcro and can easily slide down your leg.
This knife set is not for serious or professional throwers. But given the cheap price, beginners can overlook these issues and you have to admit that it looks pretty cool with the leg wrap.

Perfect Point TK-114-3

These knives come in a 3-piece set, with rainbow titanium, black, and titanium coatings, respectively. Each knife is 9” long. As usual, a nylon sheath is included.
This is a very good starter set. This set is more on the level of the PP-030-3BK model and it has a better balance. It is easier to control these longer knives and they have a nice steady spin in the flight. Also they don’t break as easily as RC-040-6. The rainbow color makes it easier to find that particular knife on the ground. The edges of all the knives are sharper than they need to be for beginners, so be sure to file them down as a safety precaution.
Though Perfect Point knives aren’t designed for more advanced throwing, they will definitely provide you with an inexpensive, enjoyable experience, perhaps inspiring you to make knife-throwing a major part of your life!

  • Quality
  • Balance
  • Sheath
  • Price


Without paying too much, these knives have all the qualities you need for a beginner and allow you to get a taste of the excitement of knife throwing.

The main problems of Perfect Point knives are the light weight and lack of durability. Not to mention the coating wears off, the blade bends or crack after a while.

User Rating: 1.5 (30 votes)

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