How to Use a Tactical Pen

It may be a little hard to get your head around the concept of a pen that can actually turn out to be a lethal survival weapon.

The tactical pen is made from robust metal. It has a hardened tip, which is the weapon part, and is strong enough to injure and even incapacitate someone foolish enough to believe that it’s just a pen. Little do people know,this is one pen you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

Strike at Vulnerable Areas

How to use a tactical pen requires using it much like a sword. Hold your tactical pen securely in your clenched fist and lash out at your opponent, striking at vulnerable areas such as the face, the wrists or groin.

The idea is to cause so much pain that your attacker pauses to react, maybe stumbling, or even falling. With your tactical pen, don’t hang around to continue your attack of defence, but make your getaway as fast as you can. You don’t want to kill the person and open up a new set of worries for yourself─you just want to protect yourself from their onslaught and then get away quickly.

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Perfect for Self-Defense or Emergency

This survival device is unlike having other kinds of weapons such as knives or a gun where you need a permit to have them on you. To the survivalist, an object such asan undercover pen, can be an effective tool to get you out of a dangerous situation.

Yes, you may need to scribble down an urgent message, but these tactical pens can do so much more than just write, from being a self defense weapon to even being able to break glass. Pounding the pointed metal tip of your pen into the corner of a window pane for instance will shatter the glass with relative ease.tactical pen

As you can see by now, the tactical pen can inflict serious injury, so it’s not something that should be toyed with─it’s a weapon not to be brandished about unless you mean business with it. The beauty about a tactical pen is that your assailant will be totally off guard when you come wielding “just a pen” at them. They’ll think you’re just putty in their hands, till they experience the first pounding you give them with the pen.

Your assailant will have difficulty trying to pry the pen away from you as the pen fits niftily into the palm of your hand. These pens are concealed weapons,as well, and you can keep them in your pocket and quickly get hold of it at a moment’s notice.

Practice some Astonishing Moves

Unlike with different forms of martial arts weaponry, with these pens, you don’t have to have a degree to know how to work them. You don’t have to learn any special moves or techniques, you just let rip into your assailant. Even so, while the techniques are pretty simple, there’s nothing to stop you practicing some additional, extraordinary moves.

Some of these pens come with videos and manuals where you can pick up some expert tips that could save your life. Make sure, therefore, that it’s made from solid alloy to ensure it stands up to any kind of pressure.

Let’s look at some sturdy, good-buy tactical pens:


Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen

The company Hoffman Richter says preparing to tackle the unexpected requires a level of dedication.

The tools they make are produced by the very people who use them.

Durable and rugged, this no-screwing on and off tactical pen is made from impact resistant aircraft grade aluminum.

Hoffman Richter believes you’ll be proud and confident to own such a well-crafted titanium coated pen.

Anyone will love this pen, male or female, and will discover that the pen’s bevelled edge is powerful enough to break glass andis strong enough for self defense. Discreet and slim, no-one will guess that you’re carrying such a lethal weapon on you, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The pen includes a pen cartridge that can even write underwater and the cartridge is replaceable. No negative reviews for this pen which users describe as solid, strong and of a high-quality.

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Uzi Uzi -Tacpen2-BK Tactical Pen

The company UZI produces products which are used by the Army and Special Forces. The company launched way back in the 1950s, and this robust tactical pen is made of aeroplane-grade aluminum .

With dimensions 6.6 x 1.1 x 0.9,’’ the pen also has a strong carbide tip glass breaker and is compatible with standard pen refills. This stylish tactical pen also comes with a pocket clip and weighs just 1.5 ounces. This heavy-duty tactical pen is also compatible with regular refills, as well as Fischer space pen refills. Most users agree that the pen is of a high-quality while some say that for writing purposes, the pen is too heavy, and the absence of grip at the bottom part makes the pen slippery to hold.

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SWAT Tactical Pen – Ballpoint pen + Badass EDC Self Defense Weapon & Window Breaker

This tactical pen, with dimensions of 6.9 x 3.8 x 0.7 inches and weighing 4.8 ounces, comes with a lifetime satisfaction warranty. Easy to write with, the glass breaker tip is made of tungsten carbide and will be mightily useful when you need to smash your way out of a car or some other situation.

Also, with this pen, no time is wasted with a screwing cap─there isn’t one. Made from super strong, anti-rust, aircraft aluminum, the pen’s ink cartridges are replaceable with a Parker ballpoint refill and Fisher space pen refill. The one-action-grip pouch, made of robust 300D nylon fabric, attaches to belts and you can open the pouch and take out the pen in one quick movement. Users rate the pen highly, saying it is of exceptional quality.

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Final Thoughts

Learn how to use a tactical pen–it can save your life in a threatening situation. The best part, however, is that this defensive tool doesn’t require any license to carry it. Compact, easily concealable,and with many being made from aircraft grade aluminum, nobody would believe that this harmless-looking writing pen can change like a chameleon and become a ferocious weapon in your hand.

These unassuming tactical pens are worthy gifts for anyone and should be part of your everyday dress code.

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