How to Choose the Best Peep Sight

For any bowhunter, the key to success is aim. One of the most helpful pieces of equipment to improve your aim and sight picture is a peep sight. Having a peep sight attached to your bow is much like having an iron sight on a rifle. They’re attached to the string of your bow and improve your accuracy by becoming your rear sight. Peep sights come in various styles and sizes so you’re able to choose which peep sight(s) will best suit your hunting needs. This article will give an overview of how to choose the best peep sight, how to use a peep sight and show you some of the peep sights you’ll find on the market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Peep Sight

Peep Sight Type

  • Rubber Tube
    Rubber tube peeps are known for their reliability to keep your bow in perfect alignment. They’re also less expensive than other types of peep sights. However, one of their drawbacks is the snapping noise the tube makes after releasing the string. Tubes can break suddenly without signs of wear and tear, and can also get caught on branches easily if you’re hunting deep in the bush.
  • Fletcher Style
    The Fletcher style is popular among experienced hunters to keep their bows in alignment. They’re made out of aluminum and when installed they split the string fibers in half. The Fletcher style can be time-consuming to install and requires you to train your string to keep the peep sight properly aligned when your bow is fully drawn. Beginners may find them difficult to use because the peep turns with the string in the rain, snow or extreme heat.
  • Tri-Slot/Trio Style
    The Trio Style is easier to align compared to the Fletcher style because it splits the string fibers in thirds as opposed to halves. Sometimes you may find the peep will turn out of position (in extreme hot or cold conditions or in the rain), but even if it’s slightly rotated your sight picture will be clear enough to take a good shot.

Peep Sight Aperture (Size)

When choosing the size of your peep sight you can go with small (~1/16â€), medium (~1/8â€), or large (~3/16â€). The advantage of using a larger peep sight is that they’re easier to see through and still works well in low-light conditions. Smaller peep sights on the other hand allow you to focus your shots more accurately and reduce your margin of error. Small peep sights work best when hunting on bright, sunny days. Many hunters opt for medium sized peep sights as the safe in-between.

Peep Sight Height

The height refers to the peep sight’s distance above the bowstring’s nocking point. It’s important to place the peep sight at the height most suitable for your bow to ensure that the peep sight locks in place. A high peep height of 15cm is suitable for long draw lengths or low anchor points. A low peep height of 11cm is best used for extremely short draw lengths or high anchor points. If your bow doesn’t fit in either category it’s best to go with a standard peep height of 13cm.

How to Use a Peep Sight

Before actually using a peep sight, you’ll first need to install it properly. The first step is to separate the fibers on the bowstring. If you’re using a Trio Style peep sight you’ll divide it into three strands, but otherwise separate the bowstring into two strands. You can separate the fibers manually with your hands or by using a string separator. Once the fibers are split, place the peep sight. Ensure that the fibers are not twisted in a way that will obstruct your view through the peep sight hole when you draw the bow.

After you’ve installed your peep sight, it’s important to test it to make sure it’s properly aligned. Close your eyes, draw back the string and anchor. When you open your eyes the peep sight should be right in front of your eyes. Once your peep sight is secure and properly aligned in front of your eyes you’re ready to take a shot. Practice makes perfect when first using a peep sight so be sure to test it out and get a feel for your optimal aiming position.

Product Reviews

Now that you’re familiar with how to use a peep sight and some of the factors to consider when choosing one, it’s time to check out some of the popular peep sights on the market.

Truglo Centra Pro Series Archery Peep

TruGlo’s Centra Pro Series Archery Peep is available in all different aperture diameters. They’ve made their peep sights out of lightweight aluminum with an angled design. The angled design makes their peep sights compatible with short axle to axle bows and give any bow hunter perfect peep alignment. Their peep sights are precision CNC machined and do not require any tubing. TruGlo allows you to choose the peep sight size you need for your next hunting adventure.

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The Carbon Express Dusk Vision Peep Sight

The Carbon Express Dusk Vision Peep Sight was specifically designed for low-light hunting conditions. It was made with a peep sight aperture of 1/8â€. The peep sight hole is surrounded with glowing dots that help to naturally gather light and help hunters visually locate the center of their peep sight. The extra light provided paired with a medium sized hole gives you a clear enough sight picture to hunt in even the dimmest conditions. Also included is a peep aligner tube.

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Radical Archery Designs Maxim 38

The RAD Maxim 38 has a peep sight aperture of 1/4â€. It’s made with a high impact polymer to ensure that it’s durable enough for any hunting excursion. The peep sight is self-aligning and uses a double tapered alignment post. Because of the peep’s 38 degree angle it’s compatible with long draw archer shooting bows that have a short 30 axle to axle length. The Maxim 38 also comes with a small micro tube that helps increase speed and reduce noise with every shot.

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Before investing in peep sights be sure to research what types and sizes will be most compatible with your hunting bow. Also keep in mind the light conditions you find yourself hunting in. All of these factors play a role in what will be the best peep sight for you. Choosing the right peep sight will not only improve your aim, it will also make your next hunting trips all the more enjoyable.


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