How to Choose the Best Darts

When it comes to throwing darts, it’s important to find a set that’s well-made and comfortable for your throwing style. You may be overwhelmed with the wide variety of darts available, but don’t fret, this article is intended to help you find the best dart for your next game. You’ll learn about the factors to consider when choosing a set of darts, and read about some of the most popular darts on the market.

Factors to Consider


Soft tips are dull and made out of plastic. They’re generally used on electronic boards that automatically tally your score. Soft tips will not stick well to harder dartboards made out of wood or cork. If you bend or break your soft tips they can be easily be replaced. They’re also very low maintenance.

Hard/steel tips are also known as points. They’re used for traditional darts that are used on boards made out of coiled paper, sisal or cork. When steel tips get dull they can easily be sharpened to extend their lifespan. It’s important to maintain steel points because they’re more expensive to replace than soft tips.


A dart’s barrel is the part that you hold when throwing. When looking at barrels, it’s important to keep in mind its grip and weight. Barrels should be covered with knurling or rings that help you grip the dart. However, it’s best to avoid painted barrels because the barrel will become slippery.

Barrels can weigh between 14 and 40 grams, but the most popular weight choice is between 21 – 29 grams. You’ll also find that barrels come in a wide variety of materials such as brass, copper, chrome, nickel, nickel-silver combo, tungsten alloys and sometimes wood. Tungsten is a popular choice of material because its density allows you to have a heavier barrel that’s still slim and streamlined. You may find heavy brass barrels, but they will be bigger and less streamlined.


The shaft of a dart holds the flights and ensures that it stays the proper distance from the dart’s barrel. You’ll find shafts made out of nylon, titanium or aluminum. Titanium is by far the sturdiest of the three because it does not bend or break easily. When nylon shafts are dropped, they’re prone to breaking, and aluminum shafts bend easily.


Your dart’s flight will help stabilize the dart each time you throw it. Make sure that the three darts you use in a game have the same flight shape to ensure that you’re throwing consistently throughout the game. Flights comes in a variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. The most common flight shapes are standard and slim. Additionally, keep in mind that your darts will fly slower with heavier and larger flights, but will gain more stability.

Product Reviews

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular darts you’ll find on the market.


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This set of steel tip darts is ideal for beginners because their heavy weight ensures stability and a strong hold on the dart board. The barrels are made with high-quality brass plated steel that give your darts the right balance for throwing. The 15 darts are made with a detachable design and have an overall length of 4.65 inches. Between the barrel and aluminum shaft there’s an O-Ring to ensure that it will not loosen when dropped. The wide polypropylene dart flights are made to increase flight speed and reduce drag. Each dart has a medium weight of 18 grams. Included in the set is 3 extra flights and a tip sharpener. UZOPI products also come with a 1-year limited warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Ignat Games has created a darts set that will help take your throwing skills and technique to the next level. Their set comes with 6 black electro-coppered brass barrels that provide you with an excellent grip. Each barrel measures 50mm in length, 8mm in diameter and has a great medium weight of 20 grams. The aluminum shafts have a 2BA socket so that they can be replaced easily. The set also comes with 6 standard-sized poly flights in 2 different styles. The flights have a smooth design to help reduce air resistance while your dart is in flight. Also, included in the set, is a carrying case with a magnetic closure, darts sharpener and their free eBook, 35 Ways to Play Darts.

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This dart set features an interchangeable shaft system to give you the freedom to choose whether you want to use a lighter and shorter shaft of 30mm or a heavier and longer shaft of 40mm. The shafts included with the set are made out of durable aluminum. The thick barrels are knurled, making them comfortable and easy to hold. The barrels have a solid weight of 24 grams. Also, included with the set are flights that help your darts fly smoothly and with precision.

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The KO steel tip dart set comes with 90% tungsten steel barrels that have a solid weight of 24 grams. Each barrel is 50mm in length and only 6.6mm in diameter. They also have a perfect grip groove to ensure that you can grip the dart consistently with each throw. The darts are designed to be durable and perfectly balanced. Also, included with the set is a hard, plastic case to keep your fully assembled darts safe and secure. This set does not include flights and shafts, but the case will fit traditional and modern (Fit and L-Style) flights and shafts.

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NODOR’s Black & Brass set comes with 3 complete darts with black aluminum shafts, barrels, tips, flights and spare plastic shafts. Be aware that the spare plastic shafts are not as durable as the aluminum ones. The weights of the darts will vary from 20, 22 or 24 grams. All three of the darts will weigh the same, but it will be a surprise which weight you’ll receive when it’s shipped to you. Also, included in the set is a Slim Trac case to ensure that your darts are secure while not in use.

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Final Thoughts

Be sure to keep these dart-choosing factors in mind to help find the dart most suitable for your throwing needs. When looking to invest in a set of darts, it’s important to try a wide variety of darts in your hand to find which ones feel the most comfortable. Ultimately, the best dart will be the one that feels just right in your hand.


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