How to Choose the Best Bow Fishing Arrows

So, you’ve read The Complete Guide to Bow Fishing and are now ready to give it a go.  So what next?  Well, you need to buy some equipment.

First of all you will need to choose what type of bow to use.  Remember, you can use a traditional bow or a specialized bow fishing bow.  These specialized bows are more lightweight and have features specifically designed to help you hunt fish.

Next, you will need to choose some arrows.

How to Choose the Best Bow Fishing Arrows

You don’t get the same variety of choice with bowfishing as you would when hunting land animals.  Arrows have a barbed point, which enables you to not only spear the fish but also keep it safely on the arrow until you have retrieved it.

You can hunt different types of fish, so be sure to decide on this before choosing your arrows for this can make a real difference.  Points vary in price but try not to get too bogged down in this part of the choice, for the type of fish you are hunting and the water conditions will make the most impact.

A basic, budget-priced point can work really well on your average shallow-water fish, like a carp, and often requires you to unscrew the tip from the arrow when retrieving your fish.  If you aren’t looking to catch a large number of fish then this isn’t a problem, but if you are a big hitter then you will probably find this a little irritating after a short while.

A more sophisticated point would work better in this instance, helping you out in more punishing waters also.  One with an instantly reversible barb is a great idea and allows you to keep momentum when the fish are around you.

Some of the Best Bow Fishing Arrows

To make life a little easier for you, we have done some research and provided a review of some of the best bow fishing arrows below:

Bowtactix Fishing Arrows with Broadhead

These arrows come with an upgraded broadhead design, with 2 barbs flanking the point.  They allow you to shoot with incredible accuracy and are really great value, making them ideal for all bow fishers, beginners included.

Constructed from carbon fiber, they are nice and light, making them convenient to use.  You will need to unscrew the end of the tip approximately halfway down, before the barb then reverses for you to retrieve the fish.  This makes it quick and easy to retrieve them.

You may need to do a little adjustment to reinforce the arrow head onto the shaft but overall, these are great value for money.

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AMS Bowfishing Arrow with Chaos Point and Fiberglass Shaft

These arrows are made entirely from fiberglass, making them a great lightweight option.  They feature a heat-treated, spiral cyclone tip for greater penetration, making them ideal for any type of fish.  The barbs on the point pivot to the side, ensuring your fish is held fast on the arrow until you have retrieved it.

They create a small entry, meaning the fish is kept as undamaged as possible and increasing the penetration.  The nock is brightly coloured, giving you maximum visibility in swirling waters.  Each arrow is made entirely in the USA and hand tested for straightness and quality, so with this product you know you are getting the best.

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Huntingdoor Solid fiberglass Archery Arrow

These arrows are made from fiberglass, meaning they are lightweight, and measure a standard 34” in length.  The nock is a bright green colour, allowing for maximum visibility, and they feature a black torpedo tip.

To release the fish, you will need to loosen the tip and flip the barb forward.  Once you have removed the fish, you then reverse the action and tighten the tip back up.  This simple process makes them easy and convenient to use.

These are a great affordable option for everyone, novices and experienced bow fishermen alike.

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Muzzy Classic Fish-Arrow with Gar Point

A great fishing arrow from one of the leading arrow manufacturers in the world.  You’ve heard of the muzzy broadheads, so why not try these amazing fish arrows next?

They feature a quick release design, making it easy to retrieve your fish in 2 simple turns of the tip.  They have a rugged fiberglass construction and the nock and safety slide come as standard.

This is a really tough and durable product.  What else would you expect from Muzzy?  You can use these to hunt for any type of fish, even larger sharks and offshore game.

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ELONG Bowfishing Arrows

These brightly coloured arrows are incredibly easy to spot in the water, as the shaft is bright too, not just the nock.  They feature safety slides and measure 32” in length.  Made from fiberglass too, these are also incredibly lightweight and easy to use.  The attractive design is what sets them apart from their market competitors and they are priced fairly also.

Elong Outdoor is based in China and prides itself on great quality hunting gear.  They have been around since 2004 and make hunting equipment for clients all over the world.

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Anything else I need to know?

These arrows are all made from fiberglass, which is considered to be the best choice for bowfishing. However, you can also get carbon fish arrows.  Fiberglass arrows may lack a little on consistent spine and straightness but on the whole, they get the job done.


Carbon arrows have not been around for as long and tend to be more expensive than their fiberglass counterparts.  However, they do tend to fly straighter and offer a greater penetration.  They are known to crack under extreme stress or side impacts, so be sure to be careful with these.

You may wonder why anyone would choose to pay more for an arrow that isn’t really required for bowfishing. Well, they are an excellent choice if you want to hunt something large like an alligator.  If you hunt in deeper water and require longer shots, these would be an ideal choice of arrow for you.

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