Gil Hibben Throwing Knives Review

Since throwing knives play a different role from other knives found in our kitchens, they bare different features and have been modified to match the throwers’ needs. This is the reason why when it comes to throwing knives, you better choose the one that is designed by the master.

Any knife throwers would have heard of Gil Hibben. He is an expert in knife throwing and knife crafting. He has also published a few books about knife throwing which could be quite useful for beginners. If you buy a Gil Hibben knife, you can rest assure that the quality is one of the best in the market.

Gil Hibben also works with other companies like United Cutlery to manufacture his knives. Here we are going to review some Gil Hibben throwing knives. They are both very well made knives so it is really hard to decide which one is better.
If you are interested in The Complete Knife Throwing Guide by Gil Hibben, you can check out the price and reviews here.

United Cutlery Gil Hibben Tanto (GH5003 Warrior) Throwing Knives

The Gil Hibben Tanto knife or the GH5003 Warrior set is one of the few knives that are multipurpose. Apart from using it as a throwing knife, this is also the perfect knife for hunting. There are several other features that make this knife one of the best in the market.

The Design

  •  Length: 7 Inch (small) or 11-5/16-Inch (large)
  •  Metal: 420 stainless steel one piece construction
  •  Accessories: Includes leather sheath


This is a knife I would recommend you to acquire since the manufactures have balanced it to perfection. This is the reason why it will always give you a uniform rotation if you throw properly. If you are an amateur at throwing, this knife will never disappoint. The shape also, makes it easier to throw and hit the target. This also means that you can use any surface as a target including the back of a tree. The hit will still impress you.

Most of the throwing knives are made from a solid piece of 420 stainless. Manufacturers of Gil Hibben Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set have adapted the same technique to stay competitive and their products have outshined well-known brands.

They Don’t Break Easily…

You do not need to worry about breakage. The new Gil Hibben Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set has all its edges polished so that all the weak points are eliminated to give you a relaxed and fixed mind when in a competition. Gone are the embarrassing moments when your first throw could be your last when the knife breaks.

You always have a good feeling when you are in possession of a gadget that generally has a fantasy flare. That is exactly what the extra cuts do to the knife. The knife is also heavy enough to give a good stick to the target. This is to caution you to be extra careful when you have a target. You wouldn’t want to miss your target and hit something else because the damage will be evident. Keep away from children when throwing knives.

The leather sheath is a nice touch

Most of the throwing knives in the market come with sheaths. However not all knives come with sheaths made from leather. A good sheath will never damage even if the knife is sharp. That’s what you get from the sheath that comes with the Gil Hibben Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set. The sheath also has a stylish look to look good on your belt. You can match the color of the knife and the sheath since the knife not only comes in silver but black.

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Overall, it is highly recommended

They say cheap is expensive. You might be tempted to buy a cheap throwing knife to save on cost but whatever you buy will not last as long as you had expected. Adding a few more bucks to buy a Gil Hibben Tanto Thrower Triple Knife Set will save you a lot of money especially if knife throwing is something you do regularly. It is also important to purchase a good and genuine Gil Hibben Tanto Knife from their dealers. The price changes depending on which size you pick but they are all reasonable. You can get the small one (7”) or the large one (11”) on Amazon. I would recommend the large one for any beginners even though it costs a bit more.

United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Competition Throwing Knife

Each piece of the GH2033 Gil Hibben knife is made from a single piece of 420 stainless steel and measures 12-1/8 inch in length overall to fit perfectly well in your hand. The heft in them makes them easy to stick and it sticks hard without necessarily throwing it harder.

The Design

  •  Length: 12-1/8 inch Inch
  •  Metal: 420 stainless steel one piece construction
  •  Accessories: Includes leather sheath


The reason why I have one of these knives is the fact that its ergonomically designed handle gives you the maximum grip needed to have a good throw. With a good grip of the knife, you will get a proper fashion for maximum accuracy and consistency in throwing. The sharpness of the blade gives the user a satisfying hit on the target. However, this is the type of a knife I wouldn’t advise you to use around children. Unlike most throwing knives that are blunt, this one is sharper and can easily cut if mishandled.

I would recommend these knives to beginners or long distance throwers. In fact, they are the most appropriate knives for long distance throwing. Nothing makes you feel satisfied if you hit the target from a distance. When out for camping or any other adventure, the knife is not limited to a particular use.

Comes With a Leather Sheath Again

The other feature that makes this throwing knife set impressive is the fact that it comes with a leather sheath. The sturdy leather gives you the confidence to keep the knives and you will never worry of damage. The sheath is more convenient since it holds two knives making it hard to misplace the knives. The sheath comes in different colors of black and brown. This means that you can choose a sheath that matches your belt and gives out a general good look.

A Good Competition Set Overall

In conclusion, the United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben throwing knife set is simply the best set of knives for anyone looking for a competition throwing knife. The prices on Amazon which is very reasonable price in my opinion. A good knife will increase a thrower’s ability and you will definitely find that in this knife set.

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Which One Should I Get?

To be honest, both of these knives are very similar in terms of the length, weight and balance. The designs are slightly different and I personally prefer the GH2033 competition set. But no matter which one you choose, you will still find them well worth the money and will have lots of fun throwing them.

  • Quality
  • Balance
  • Sheath
  • Price


Gil Hibben designs some great throwing knives. The quality and the balance of these knives are great. It gives you an uniform rotation if you throw properly. This knife will not disappoint you even if you are a beginner. The shape is simple and round which makes it easier to throw and hit the target.

Some reviewers found that they are too sharp and too heavy. You may need to dull the blade a bit before you use it. You may also need to train your finger strength if you are finding the knives too heavy.

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