Choosing the Best Tree Climbing Harness

A harness is an essential piece of gear for tree climbing, whether you’re climbing recreationally or professionally.  It’s important to invest in proper tree climbing gear to minimize your risk of falling and getting injured. This article will be your guide to choosing the best tree climbing harness.

It will go over the factors you need to consider when investing in a tree climbing harness, and give product reviews of the most popular harnesses you’ll find on the market.

Factors to Consider

Proper Fit

It’s important that your tree climbing harness fits you properly. Find one that fits you snugly with a bit of wiggle room to tighten or loosen it in case you lose or gain some weight in the future. It’s important to try on various models and styles to find a harness that fits you comfortably.

Attachment Loops

Your tree climbing harness should have D-rings that allow you to attach a flipline/lanyard for climbing and other gear, such as tool bags.

Level of Support

The most durable tree climbing harnesses are designed for work positioning(also known as sit harnesses). These heavy-duty harnesses allow you to climb trees comfortably for extended periods of time. Lighter weight harnesses with simple designs are ideal for only brief periods of tree climbing.

Product Reviews

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular tree climbing harnesses on the market.


YXGOOD Tree Working Half Body Climbing Harness

YXGOOD Tree Working Half Body Climbing Harness

YXGOOD has designed this half body climbing harness for tasks such as garden art clip, tree clip, and tree firefighting. This harness has a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds. The strong waist belt features waist pads that are thick and wide enough to keep you supported in a fixed working position.

The pads of the waist and leg strap are made with foam that’s breathable and more comfortable to wear. The leg straps are made with webbing that’s convenient and compatible with pedal-ascender rope. Also, included on the safety belt is a 5-tool strap and solid side rings.

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Gregarder Safety Climbing Harness Belt

Gregarder Safety Climbing Harness Belt

This tree climbing harness has a half body design and safety waist belt. It’s made with a traditional buckle and harness construction to effectively distribute weight and pressure as you climb. For your comfort, the waist belt and leg loops are lined with breathable mesh and made with doubled straps. The harness is made out of polyester and features a reinforced tie-in point and strong stitching.

The harness can be used for construction, demolition, climbing, emergencies and firefighting on trees. The tree working safety belt is ideal for garden art clip, tree clip, and firefighting.

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Klein Tools Harness Set

Klein Tools 87150 Tradesmans Fall Arrest Harness Set

Klein Tools has created a fall-arrest/positioning/suspension harness specifically for tree trimming work. The tree-trimmer’s belt is permanently attached to the harness and contains four forged D-rings with rollers. Two of the rings are forward facing for positioning and the other two are upward facing for suspension. The back and seat of the harness is constructed with Softee pads that are made with non-abrasive nylon for extra comfort.

This tree trimming harness can be put on and taken off easily with its friction-slide adjusters and chest and leg buckles. The nylon webbing used on the harness is a durable type 13, 1 ¾ inch material that gives the harness strength for extended use. This Klein Tools harness is compliant and certified with CSA and ANSI.

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Kwiksafety Fall Protection Safety Full Body Harness

Kwiksafety Fall Protection Safety Full Body Harness

KwikSafety’s Fall Protection Safety Harness meets industry safety standards and can be used for construction, climbing, roofing, camping, surveyors and more. It’s an industrial grade full body harness that’s lightweight and capable of supporting weights of up to 400 pounds. It features a no-loose-ends shoulder strap design, cradle seat, pass-through leg buckles, and three steel D-rings. The webbing and self-adjusting straps are heavy-duty and help increase your comfort as you climb. The harness is made with yellow and black webbing materials for high visibility.

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Monkeyjack Safety Climbing Harness

MonkeyJack Strong Rock Climbing Tree Arborist Harness

Monkeyjack’s versatile climbing harness can be used by tree arborists, rock climbers, mountaineers, tree cavers, aerial workers, firefighters and more. It’s made out of high strength polyester that’s durable enough for a wide range of climbing tasks.

The waist measures approximately 27.56-39.37 inches and the leg loops measure approximately 19.69-25.59 inches. Its adjustable sit belt design gives you extra comfort and support during any ascent or descent.

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Komet Miller Dragonfly Tree Climbing Arborist Harness

Komet Miller

The Komet Dragonfly has a fully modular saddle that allows you replace the lower section and bridge easily. Instead of leg loops, the harness has a batten set and leg straps with quick connect buckles. The quick connect buckles on the leg straps and waist belt are easier to use than grommet style buckles, and ensure that the seat stays in the rightposition as you climb.

They’ve made their tree saddles lightweight and sturdy enough for tree climbing. The Dragonfly harness also features three nylon gear loops and two small steel rings.

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Camp Tree Access Harness

Camp Tree Access Harness

Camp’s Tree Access harness is made with an innovative mobile bridge system that allows climbers to move the bridge easily while hanging from a tree. It’s made with thick padding and front connection straps that are spaced comfortably between the waist belt and leg loops. The Tree Access harness features a GT Chest that comes with two fall arrest attachment points used for extensions to make a full-body fall-arrest harness.

In total, the Tree Access harness has four attachment points: two side rings, a ventral ring, and a front mobile ring. The leg loops also feature speedy aluminum buckles.

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Final Thoughts

For any high-risk activity, having the right equipment will be your biggest asset. When it comes to tree climbing, safety is your number one priority. It’s important to invest in a high-quality tree climbing harness that fits you securely and comfortably. Take your time, try on different models and styles, and find the best tree climbing harness for your climbing needs.


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